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Posted by: Frederick (IP Logged)
Date: 27 August, 2016 05:05PM
I am very happy to announce here that because it has been doing so well WEIRDBOOK is going into an issue #33! And, many of its fine accepted contributors' names will be quite recognized here :-)

Besides my own ego-boo of mentioning that I also will be appearing with some of my work within #33, a while back I mentioned on the FB site Emperor of Dreams that this excellent zine was also helping folks become "aware" of Clark Ashton Smith by being kind enough to mention my dedications and such of my CAS influenced material that apeared in issues #31 & #32...respectfully, NecRomance, "A Lost Chapter of the Book of Eibon" & Scarlet Succubus Shrine.

The outstandingly hard working editors at Weirdbook are allowing such CAS mentioning in the issue #33! :-)

My pieces that were accepted (ironically I think...three of my poems appearing in issue #33 LOL) are:

SFATLICLLP'S GHOUL, which was inspired by Clark Ashton Smith's unfinished tale "Offspring Of The Grave" (and so mentioned in the publication);

NOCTUARY OF SFATLICLLP, "Chapter: Hieros Gamos";

and NILE LAMIA RECALLS...this last piece is one of my works that Donald Sydney-Fryer calls a "compact epic poem" smile emoticon:) ...this poem is my homage to, among other things, CAS' extended prose poem SADASTOR, as well as, opening with a line from the Smith poem "The Retribution."

WEIRDBOOK is a quality publication because of its dedicated editors John Gregory Betancourt, Publisher & Excecutive Editor, W. Paul Ganley (who originally gave life to this World Fantasy winning zine), the multi-gifted Editor Doug Draa, not to mention, Steve Coupe's impressive high standard of work as its Production Manager! Of course, it really is a team effort with its gifted contributors thrown into the mix :-)

While waiting for the next issue (hoped for sometime in October), I highly recommend (if one hasn't already) getting a hold of the current available release (at such places as )


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Posted by: Frederick (IP Logged)
Date: 27 August, 2016 05:16PM
For those who may not know it: Sfatlicllp is one of the lesser known Ancient Ones that Clark Ashton Smith added to the Cthulhu Mythos canon and She is the granddaughter to Tsathoggua :-)

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