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Posted by: Dr. W.C. Farmer (IP Logged)
Date: 7 July, 2002 10:06PM

Dear friends of the message board:
I am not sufficiently gifted at this computer stuff to include or post
attachments of items I have scanned. If it would please you, I will
type directly into the message board some of the one page documents,
poems etc. from the manuscripts in my possession as I transcribe them.
This seems to me the readiest way to get some of this poetry of CAS
into your hands. If there is a way to post scanned material, let me
know. If this is not a useful or acceptable approach please tell me
since the time I have to give to the task is limited. I would
love to pass on to you "The Epitaph for the Earth", for example in
this general forum - after all, I still have the original, and therefore,
the copyright, but you would have, as it were, a "preview" of a few
things that may hopefully end up as an addendum to the collected
works of CAS. I deeply appreciate the fact that you are all forcing
me to think in areas to which I have given little attention these
many years, and allowing me to bounce thoughts off your experience
and perceptions, and having you bounce right back. That's where
learning and growth occur: debate and discussion. Remember
Orson Welles' great line in "The Third Man": Italy has had centuries
of war, conflict, and torture and gave us Titian, Raphael, and Da
Vinci -- Switzerland has had 400 years of peace and has given us--
the cuckoo clock!

Re: transcriptions
Posted by: Ron Hilger (IP Logged)
Date: 8 July, 2002 12:46AM
Sounds like a great idea! I'm sure that Boyd could help you through any file sending or scanning questions you have, but in the meanwhile "The Epitaph for the Earth" sounds like classic CAS! It also seems to be an uncollected poem; what's the story behind this poem?

Re: transcriptions
Posted by: Boyd Pearson (IP Logged)
Date: 8 July, 2002 05:13PM
Placeing them in the board is fine, I will put them in the appropate section of the site in the monthly update.

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