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CAS memorial plaque
Posted by: Ron Hilger (IP Logged)
Date: 23 August, 2002 12:21AM
Boyd has asked me to update the Forum on the CAS memorial project currently in the works. The property where Smith lived in Auburn 1902-1954 has been sold and is being developed. Last summer, we (Don Herron, Bill Kostura, Scott Connors and myself) met with the developer and asked him for permission to move a boulder beside which CAS' ashes were interred to a public park in Auburn. He had no objection, and we also eventually received the permission of the Auburn city council and the historical committee as well. The plan is simple: Move the boulder to the park downtown and mount a plaque honoring CAS to a small footing in front. Things have been progressing slowly but surely; the developer is almost, but not quite ready to move the rock, the plaque is almost ready to order, pending the last minute 'tweaking' of the wording, etc.
Hopefully everything will be ready in time for a dedication ceremony around the end of OCT. I will certainly keep everyone posted on developments and will record the various readings, etc, for the benefit of those unable to attend. In the event that donations are required (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) you will also be given the opportunity to help in this regard as well.

Re: CAS memorial plaque
Posted by: Dr. W.C. Farmer (IP Logged)
Date: 27 August, 2002 04:05PM

Very excited about this project - Hope it comes to fruition
soon with a great deal of public fanfare - It's about time
Clark received the recognition he deserves. He has surely
been a prime case of the truth of the old quote: "A prophet is
not without honor, except in his own country."
Dr. F

Re: CAS memorial plaque
Posted by: Frederick J. Mayer (IP Logged)
Date: 1 October, 2002 01:16AM


I am quite pleased to see this site.

I have had connections with Smith in various ways over the years. Such as being the main creator of the "International Clark Ashton Smith Poetry Award." I even had the honor one year of the selection committee for it awarding it to me. Sadly, it ended when the founder of the SF convention that hosted it died and along with him the convention, the convention was called Fantasy Faire.

I write because I am a bit confused about this plaque thing (I am all for it). Back in the 90's, I believe, I'll have go and check my files for exact date, a bunch of us including Fritz Leiber and Donald Sydney-Fryer had a plaque ceremony honoring Smith at the Auburn library. Is this in addition to that one?

Take care and keep up the fantastic work! Please feel free to contact me.

Frederick J. Mayer

Re: CAS memorial plaque
Posted by: Ron Hilger (IP Logged)
Date: 1 October, 2002 01:30AM
Welcome aboard Frederick!
The plaque you mention is still at the Auburn library, I believe it was around 1985 when it was dedicated. The current project will place another plaque in a park located in Old Town Auburn. At this point the dedication ceremony will most likely be as close to CAS' birthdate (Jan 13th) as we can get it. Sat. the 11th of January looks like the most likely date and I hope to book the conference room at the Auburn library for the bulk of the program. So far Donald Sidney-Fryer and a few others have committed to speaking, so hopefully it will be an interesting program.

Re: CAS memorial plaque
Posted by: Frederick J. Mayer (IP Logged)
Date: 1 October, 2002 11:17PM

Wow, thanks for such a quick response!

You were right, the ceremony I refer to was held on August 18, 1985.

I will be unable to attend as I currently live in Korea. But, I will be there in spirit!

Please pass on my regards to Donald. I miss him very much. Hope he "performs" as there is nothing that compares to a Master Poet Donald Sydney-Fryer live presentation! I remember when on my radio drama program, "Arkham Theater" (it started airing in Sacramento about 1973 and one of our first productions was of Smith's play Cucold, sorry about spelling and don't think I need spell out its full title). Donald was one of our first performers and he came on live and read/performed one of the most fantastic radio shows both over the air and within the studio I have ever heard/seen...most of it involved Smith's work. I had met Donald before, but that is where our friendship started.

Again,thank you for taking the time answering my letter (though, I doubt anyone would want to read what I have to say) and a very heart felt thank you to you and all the others involved in this project/zine for your efforts, energy and love concerning Clark Ashton Smith!

If I can ever been of some service, please feel free to contact me. I will stay in touch.

Take care,


Re: CAS memorial plaque
Posted by: Gavin Smith (IP Logged)
Date: 6 October, 2002 03:33AM
What goes with the missing portions of Black Diamonds? Is this posted anywhere yet? I am looking forward to getting a printed version of the pages, planning to include it with the eight or so copies I have on hand to resell.

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