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Re: where is fiction going
Posted by: Martinus (IP Logged)
Date: 25 February, 2006 01:30PM
Ludde Wrote:
> I have never seen Frank Herbert's book DUNE
> mentioned on this forum. I am very curious to know
> if anyone here has read it, and what you think of
> it. I have tried several times to read it, but
> just couldn't get into it. It bored me. Very
> different from Smith's writing style.
> The personal David Lynch film adaption of DUNE has
> always been a favorite of mine, although I
> couldn't understand what it was about. Now I have
> the extended film edition on DVD, and after having
> seen both versions I am beginning to put pieces
> together, and find that it really is a very
> fascinating story, with many interesting detail
> elements. I can watch this film over and over,
> both for its visuals, and complex ideas. I may
> read the book some day.

IMO, Lynch's movie -- both the original and the extended version (directed by "Alan Smithee") -- is a big letdown when compared to Frank Herbert's rich and complex novel. There is so much left out in the movie it's just mindboggling! I'm not surprised that DUNE is constantly being voted the best SF novel of all time.

> Another writer I enjoyed as a kid is Alan Dean
> Foster. I remember his books as more light-hearted
> space adventure. My favorites were MIDWORLD and
> MISSION TO MOULOKIN. They had some very nice
> imagination. Has anyone other opinions of these
> books?

No, I haven't -- I like them too! :-) Foster has now announced that the end is in sight for his Flinx series, which has been going on since 1973! I might also add that according to his website, he has written a novella-length sequel to the last Icerigger novel (THE DELUGE DRIVERS, right?).

Re: where is fiction going
Posted by: Ludde (IP Logged)
Date: 25 February, 2006 02:26PM
Ooh, THE DELUGE DRIVERS? Sounds familiar. But I have only read ICERIGGER and MISSION TO MOULOKIN!

In the Flinx series I read up until and including FOR LOVE OF MOTHER-NOT. After that I couldn't keep up, and there was so much else in literature that demanded my attention. But the Flinx series was a love affair of mine!

Re: where is fiction going
Posted by: Knygatin (IP Logged)
Date: 19 November, 2018 08:20PM
I have finally read Frank Herbert's DUNE. It was satisfying. I first tried it in my youth, but could not get into it then. It is mainly a book about convoluted political intrigue, and spiritual, mental development. Written in rather dry "journalistic" prose, but full of fine ideas, interesting science fiction details, and occasionally charged ecstatic episodes. One of my favorite parts is actually the Appendix, that discusses the effects of space travel on religion; unexpected changes are forced upon the brain.

I still prefer David Lynch's DUNE, for its aesthetic consummate expression. Even though it is by necessity a collage of central key moments from the book (and only could be, within its time-limit), without the linking explanatory scenes in-between. What is more important, it perfectly captures (or interprets) the visual and atmospheric essences in the book, makes them flower into perfection, better than Herbert's own words.

Re: where is fiction going
Posted by: Knygatin (IP Logged)
Date: 20 November, 2018 04:36AM
My apologies for repeating 'perfectly' and 'perfection' in the same sentence. That is pretty bad. I was really tired last night, and was told to go to bed, and had to quickly finish up.

Re: where is fiction going
Posted by: Knygatin (IP Logged)
Date: 20 November, 2018 04:48AM
On the subject of where fiction is going, I would say it's going downhill. Quality of text is replaced by quantity of text, and further, it is out of touch with reality. All in line with the illusionary deceptive times we are forced to live in.

Re: where is fiction going
Posted by: Sawfish (IP Logged)
Date: 20 November, 2018 12:55PM

If my shortcomings were only that minor, I'd consider myself fortunate, indeed! :^)

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. But give a man a boat,
a case of beer, and a few sticks of dynamite..." -- Sawfish

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