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Posted by: Dr. W.C. Farmer (IP Logged)
Date: 26 September, 2002 10:29AM
For those to whom these things matter:
I have begun the transcription of "The Sword of Zagan" from the
manuscript. The first page is in very bad shape, but I got through
it (took 6 hours). The remainder of the manuscript is better except
where there is bad fading from moisture damage in Clark's dugout
dirt floor basement in Pacific Grove. I transcribed the
prologue and epilogue first. I do not recall offhand whether
any other stories by Clark have both; I do recall some with
epilogues I believe. It appears to me in examining the documents
other than the unpublished poetry, that he was experimenting with
form (quite young of course)and following patterns he had read in
developing "local color." There is an earlier version of "Reve
Parisein" of Baudelaire, and the original of "Averoigne" the poem
on a manila envelope which he had received from a publisher in
England - still has the cancelled King George on it.
It is likely these may see publication early next year; I for
one, am looking forward to getting these documents into circulation
for the benefit of CAS scholars now and in the future. Best to
all, from one who is probably closer to being Mordiggian fodder
than the rest of you.
Dr. Farmer

Posted by: Martin Andersson (IP Logged)
Date: 27 September, 2002 02:35PM
Thank you very much, Dr. Farmer. I for one am looking forward very much to seeing this material published -- it is not every day that hitherto unknown juvenilia by one of my favourite authors comes to the surface.

Yours sincerely,
Martin Andersson

Posted by: George Hager (IP Logged)
Date: 27 September, 2002 02:56PM
"Thank you very much, Dr. Farmer."

Just wanted to echo this sentiment.

Posted by: Jim Rockhill (IP Logged)
Date: 27 September, 2002 11:08PM
Dr. Farmer,

Please allow me to offer a redundant, but sincere thank you.


Posted by: Ron Hilger (IP Logged)
Date: 1 October, 2002 01:41AM
Dr. Farmer,

The work you are doing is of course very important to all of us. I know this type of work can be quite frustrating (especially when you suddenly realize the story you've been struggling over is incomplete) but it can also be quite exhilarating. Please keep up the good work, I'm sure any number of us would be more than willing to help if the need arises. Meanwhile, at least we can continue to supply plenty of moral support!

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