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Just received Sable Revery
Posted by: OConnor,CD (IP Logged)
Date: 24 February, 2013 03:21PM
Last week I received Sable Revery: Poems, Sketches, Letters of Robert Nelson. After reading this short 57 page book I must say the young man's future looked bright. The biographical information on Mr. Nelson was intriguing. It left me even more interested in the young man and exactly what dark shadows clustered around his mind and heart. My only complaint (not necessarily a complaint really) was I'd love to have seen a picture of Mr. Nelson included.

The poems he wrote were powerful, alive with fantastic scenes and feelings. There were eight all together. Of those my favorites included: Sable Revery, Dream-Stair, Under the Tomb, Jorgas, and Night of unrest. The sketches were also enjoyable. The Weird Tale (A Dialogue) was clearly written from a young fans point of view, and made no qualms in hiding it. What was discussed was enjoyable and true. The ending was funny...(not to spoil it for those who haven't read the book) and rings so true. The Lost Excerpts consisted of 4 parts: I. In Living Darkness II. The Feast of the Centaurs III. The Flinging of the Rocks and IV. The Rocks Cease. All of these Lost Excerpt sequences were great. My favorites were I,III, and IV. III and IV were brilliantly written, giving off an almost hypnotic effect. "Trilogy of Death" was interesting too.

Nelson's letters were fantastic and opinionated. He didn't seem to display fear about expressing his likes and dislikes. Seems he wasn't too keen on Mr. Forest. J. Ackerman, lol. Then we come to Lovecraft's letters to Nelson and Nelson's mother. All were heart felt and lent the reader a brief glimpse into the person of Robert Nelson.

All I can say is the book was short but very good. It left me wanting more...the briefest taste of honey on the tongue.

Re: Just received Sable Revery
Posted by: The English Assassin (IP Logged)
Date: 24 February, 2013 04:11PM
Sounds intriguing... are there any online examples of his work?

Re: Just received Sable Revery
Posted by: OConnor,CD (IP Logged)
Date: 21 March, 2013 04:56PM
The English Assassin Wrote:
> Sounds intriguing... are there any online examples
> of his work?

Yes there are. In this forum you'll find Robert Nelson's finely written poem "Under the Tomb." Another poem, "Sable Revery" can be located somewhere online. I found it a long while ago and was instantly drawn to this young man. If you are able to find the poem and enjoy it then purchase the book. It's only $10 through Amazon, LuLu, and the publisher's site. Douglas A. Anderson, in my opinion, made a clever move deciding to release a book containing Robert Nelson's work.

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