Letter to Clark Ashton Smith

From H. P. Lovecraft

10 Barnes St. July 15, 1927

Dear C A S:—

Wandrei is a great boy, & you will certainly be glad when he makes that future trip to California which he has in mind. I hope I'm not boring him by giving him heroic doses of the old New England world—for lovely as this region is, it must seem a bit tame to one habituated to the prismatic forests of Yog-Sothoth & the daemon-kindled auroras of the interstellar spaces. I shewed him archaic Newport with its centuried gambrel roofs & titan sea-cliffs the first day, & these hoary groves & Pan-haunted green hills the second & third days. Later we are going to Boston & digest all the scenic & historic sites & sights of the region, & on Tuesday we shall be back to welcome another of our merry crew—that divine old Falstaff among savants, James Ferdinand Morton, who is coming to Providence for five days. Then, on the 21st, the company will be increased by the advent of young Long & both his parents! We've tried to persuade Loveman, but he doesn't think he can make it.

Enormously sincere, even though necessarily trite, is our wish that you could be here for some such conclave as this! Try it some time—Wandrei can tell you all there is to be told about the art of hitch-hiking, whereby the expense of railway fare becomes as obsolete & quaint a memory as the era of good taste in literature! ..............


Selected Letters (Arkham House) 286

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