Letter to H. P. Lovecraft

From Clark Ashton Smith

[29] [c. early April 1932]

Mohaun Los, after the
battle of the ultra-
stellar Robot and the
alien time-machine.

Dear E'ch-Pi-El:

[. . .]

Re the phrase volumes and books in "The Double Shadow". This was a deliberate Latinism, since I used volumes in the very special sense of rolls or scrolls.

[. . .]

Yrs for the reversement of all
terrene cycles,
Klarkash-Ton [1]


  1. On the margin of this letter, Lovecraft composed a salutation for some future letter to Smith: "Pnath: When the serrated-edged shadow darkens the sky above the Peaks of Thok."

From: Clark Ashton Smith: LETTERS TO H. P. LOVECRAFT, edited by and footnotes by Steve Behrends (July 1987) Necronomicon Press.

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