Letter to H. P. Lovecraft

From Clark Ashton Smith

[30] [c. Early April 1932]

Crater of Tycho, at the
hour of the nameless
cosmic echo that returns

Dear E'ch-Pi-El:

We have been getting typical April weather here — the proverbial showers and sunshine. The flowers are all a week or two earlier than usual; and the grass will be turning crisp all too soon, I fear. I am spending the present week in the preparation of fire-breaks, against the coming season of holocaust. So my writing is an abeyance.

[. . .]

The tale which you are retouching for Whitehead certainly sounds good. I hope to see it in print some time. In the meanwhile I await the "Witch House", and send you my profoundest commiserations on the dental ordeal.

Yrs, in the cult of Lilith,

From: Clark Ashton Smith: LETTERS TO H. P. LOVECRAFT, edited by and footnotes by Steve Behrends (July 1987) Necronomicon Press.

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