Letter to H. P. Lovecraft

From Clark Ashton Smith

[31] [c. 15 September 1932]

Written in the treasury of
Omoultakos, by the
illumination shed from the
eternally burning Tail of
the Baboon.

Dear E'ch-Pi-El:

As a result of your instigation, I have striven, with all due necromantic rites, and the burning of Arabian gums in censers well greened with verdigris, to invoke the spirit of William Beckford. Our ghostly collaboration has eventuated in the continuation and conclusion of Zulkais and Kalilah enclosed herewith.[1] It is, of course, tentative, and may require sundry revisions ere the aforementioned revenant will fully approve it. In the meanwhile, I should greatly appreciate your opinion, before submitting the composite whole to Tyrant Pharnabeezer. My feeling is, that the arbiter of W.T. will find it too poisonous, perverse, fantastickal, et al., for his select circle of Babbitts and Polyannas. He has, by the way, returned "The Eidolon of the Blind",[2] with the plea that it was too terrible and horrific, and would be sure "to sicken" many of his readers. Accustomed though I am to W. and his little whimsies, the decision really amazes me.

[. . .]

Yours, in the service of the Lord
of the Fiery [. . .]


  1. "The Third Episode of Vathek" (Abominations of Yondo (1960)).
  2. First title of "The Dweller in the Gulf" (Abominations of Yondo (1960)).

From: Clark Ashton Smith: LETTERS TO H. P. LOVECRAFT, edited by and footnotes by Steve Behrends (July 1987) Necronomicon Press.

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