Letter to Clark Ashton Smith

From H. P. Lovecraft

10 Barnes St.

Octr. 29, 1926

Dear C A S:—

...... This Wandrei must certainly be an interesting character, having the tastes he does; & I'm greatly interested to learn that it was my reference in the Weird Tale Eyrie which set him on your trail. Surely he's welcome to see the two latest, & I shall be glad to hear from him if he returns them directly to me. His share in Sandalwood surely attests the depth & sincerity of his appreciation, & I know he will be more than satisfied with the exotic type of currency chosen for his reimbursement! I hope exceedingly that Sterling's influence can "land" his article with the Overland Monthly, for that publication has a fame & standing—obvious enough even in the East—which command considerable respect for its contents & dicta ..........

Most cordially yrs—

Selected Letters (Arkham House) 243

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