Autumn's Pall

Clark Ashton Smith

But yesterday 'twas Autumn, and the leaves,
All aureate and vermeil, strewed the ground
And lay in drifted banks the trees around —
A fair and gorgeous sight. Night's hours, like thieves
Have stol'n them all, and now the Winter weaves
Where erst they lay, an ermine pall of snow.
Yon woods, where some lone bird for Autumn grieves,
And hills and fields, that pallid covering know.

CAS poem printed on a folded card and sent to the then-curator of Poetry and Rare Books, a Mr. K. C. Gay. The card was postmarked 14 Dec 1978 from Pasadena, CA, with a return address of 1745 Kenneth Road, Glendale, California 91201. (ca. 1910)

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Printed on: October 29, 2020