Biographical Pieces on Clark Ashton Smith

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E. Hoffman Price

“By not referring to my memoir of C.A.S. in Tales of Science and Sorcery, I may avoid the worst features of a rehash of that… ? (31 March)

Madelynne Greene

“I'm glad to hear that the bibliography you've compiled of Ashton's writings will soon be published, and I wish the project every success.Eric and I… ? (31 March)

Harlan Ellison

“It is seldom a writer is able to cast back through memory to locate the specific stories that influenced him in his work. Who can… ? (31 March)

George F. Haas

“My sincerest congratulations and best wishes on the publication of the long-awaited Bibliography of the works of Clark Ashton Smith. I can fully appreciate the… ? (31 March)

Donald Sidney-Fryer

“The following has been compiled principally from An Autobiography of Clark Ashton Smith (first published in The Science-Fiction Fan for August 1936); from the write-up… ? (31 March)

Raine Bennett

“Introductory NoteThe cherry-snows are falling now ... Brief as the snow their stainless white.-- Clark Ashton Smith, "The Cherry-Snows"The mists of time veil many things.… ? (31 March)

Scott Connors

“The following is a transcription of a speech which I gave to the Friends of the Auburn-Placer County Library on January 18, 2002. The audience… ? (28 February)

Eric Barker

“It was early in 1938 that I first met Clark Ashton Smith. About a year before I had married the dancer, Madelynne Greene, and at… ? (28 February)


Henry Kuttner

“"Have some goulash" said E. Hoffman Price. E. stands for Edgar.I had luncht litely on a pint of blood & a corpse's leg—a tough one… ? (31 August)



“[The following first appeared in Principal Poets of the World, Volume I (1930-31) (London: The Mitre Press, 1932), p. 182]SMITH, Clark Ashton, born January 13th,… ? (30 September)

Robert B. Elder

“It is pleasant to look back and recall old friends and incidents of association with them. I often remember my acquaintance with Clark Ashton Smith… ? (31 January)

Henry J. Vester

“Clark Ashton Smith did not like biographers — he referred to them as "ghouls" and "hyenas", and once told his friend, Robert Baker Elder, "I… ? (31 January)

Ronald S. Hilger

“To most of the residents of Auburn, CA, the name Clark Ashton Smith holds little or no significance, unless, perhaps, it is associated with a… ? (31 January)


George F. Haas

“I have been asked to write of the late, eminent Clark Ashton Smith for they say I knew him better and longer than most others,… ? (31 October)

George F. Haas

“Some years ago I wrote a little memoir entitled "As I Remember Klarkash-Ton," and in it I told of my first meeting with Clark… ? (31 October)

L. Sprague de Camp

“Riding on Rosinante where the carsWith dismal unremitting clangors pass,And people move like curbless energumensRowelled by fiends of fury back and forth,Behold! Quixote comes, in… ? (31 October)


Genevieve K. Sully

“It is good to learn that the bibliography of the writings of Clark Ashton Smith, to which you have dedicated so much time and care,… ? (30 November)

Ethel Heiple

“I am happy to here that the bibliography of the writings of Clark Ashton Smith will soon see publication. It is a wonderful gesture on… ? (30 November)

Richard Frahm

“[Extracts from email sent by Richard Frahm to Boyd Pearson: Monday, 3 November 1997. (foot notes by Boyd)]Dear Boyd,Rather elderly now so forgive my arthritic… ? (31 October)

Jonathan Vos Post

“[References from Emperor of Dreams: A Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography, Compiled by Donald Sidney-Fryer, West Kingston RI: Donald M. Grant, 1978].10.1 Biography of Clark Ashton… ? (30 September)

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