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The Cult of Cthulhu - a Sherlock Holmes Adventure
Posted by: JamesGBoswell (IP Logged)
Date: 22 January, 2018 09:23AM
A loathsome cult utilizes the unmentionable, accursed tome the Necronomicon in a blasphemous ritual to awaken Great Cthulhu so he may inflict mortal terror and torture upon all living beings of the Earth. Sherlock Holmes must stop the cult's evil, abnormal machinations to commit hideous acts of vengeance and murder in the name of Cthulhu, but his only clue is a singular, eldritch symbol left behind at each scene of unspeakable violence.

Will Holmes solve the mystery before the world descends into gibbering madness? Or will the daemoniacs summon Cthulhu from where he lies dreaming at the bottom of the ocean in the sunken, cyclopean city of R'lyeh? Tentacles and ichor abound in this tale of horror and suspense inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft.

E-book available on Amazon for $4.99

Re: The Cult of Cthulhu - a Sherlock Holmes Adventure
Posted by: Nils (IP Logged)
Date: 17 August, 2018 06:28AM
Will this ever be available in print? I really would like to read it.

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