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Cool new CAS podcast “The Double Shadow”.
Posted by: Jeff Gilleland (IP Logged)
Date: 4 July, 2013 11:21PM
Greetings folks:

I have not been on this forum for quite some time.
Started to poke around and see if anyone was chatting it up about the cool new CAS podcast “The Double Shadow”.

“The Double Shadow is a podcast covering the weird fiction writings of American author Clark Ashton Smith. It is published approximately three times a month. We will be covering Smith’s work chronologically within his “cycles” or locations, beginning with the Averoigne stories in chronological order, then moving on to Poseidonis, Hyperborea, Zothique and Smith’s other locations/more modern stories. Our podcast takes its name from one of Smith’s stories, “The Double Shadow,” which he also used as the title of a self-published collection of his works.”

The “young folks” are really cool and very nerdy and I love the style and format. I am sure you all will like it as well.

Other little ditties I also recently come across were:
HYPNOBOBS 108 - The Song of the Necromancer: A Suite of Verse by Clark Ashton Smith
HYPNOBOBS 107 - Leg of Toad, Eye of Gorgon: An Introduction to Clark Ashton Smith
HYPNOBOBS 69 - Weird Verses
This week in the Great Library of Dreams, Mr Jim Moon samples a selection of weird verses from down the ages. Featuring macabre poems from such luminaries as Edgar Allan Poe, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E Howard and HP Lovecraft and verses from modern masters such as Brian Lumley and Thomas Ligotti.

Anyways… enjoy.

Re: Cool new CAS podcast “The Double Shadow”.
Posted by: Jeff Gilleland (IP Logged)
Date: 5 July, 2013 01:40AM
I forgot about this great one too.

Pseudopod 331: The Ninth Skeleton


Great stuff.

Re: Cool new CAS podcast “The Double Shadow”.
Posted by: calonlan (IP Logged)
Date: 5 July, 2013 05:57PM
Delighted to see this taking place -

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