Sleeper In The Soul Chamber

Frederick J. Mayer

"Man must seperate himself from his "soul"
and, in turn, set his soul free." - ANON.

Spiritual Naja haja,
  Egyptian cobra,
upon my heart,
    apparently in sleep...
  with sense of intoxication,
  no coma kiss of death;
Standing before me
  lacerated breasts and all
    is Love true.

Darkness velvet caress
ruby stained breast
kiss offered upon lips
eyes glowing on rips
                    of flesh open in pain
                    of spirit open in
heart aches
  beating on heart
    with every pulse
  are memories
    why...heart aches open mouth
        desire to relate feelings
        found empty
        with sadness
        trapped within the soul.

Lonely only touches gently,
  soul retains the stories
    that made it and churned
      the emotions into fluid chains
  trapped within the room
    hearing voices, causing disgust
                           and longing to be rid of
                           of them all and being,
  tearing the soul's sources
  freeing remembering sources
  stalking the heart till it drips clean
  all blood and carrying forth elements
  residing within...

    but, Love reaches and holds me tightly
       and whose embrace does not erase
       what made me want to see Her again.

Death was not the serpent's call;
    the soul chamber prison so
    to cause the affair
    with Love true in some form
    other than itself when in light,
    resurrection causes pain
    to return and the holding on
    sleep gives chances for freedom
    fear of it holds onto your soul,
    the Soul of Death is the death of your soul,
    to leave the chamber
    is to learn to sleep
    and dream the exit's entrance
    but the sleeper remains awake
    remembering the dream,
  this is the sorrow
  and the embrace.

                  - (believed to be by)
                    legendary Holy High Lama

* "Sleep" and its usage plays an important role in the Tcho Tcho people's beliefs to the point that their sacred GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK has a whole section connected to the subject. The above comes from said section.

Translation by Dr. Koh Rei-am.

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