Poe's Legacy

Dennis L. Siluk

"If Poe wouldn't have been born?"

There'd had been no rapping or tapping—
(at least for a while—at my door?)
Nor would there had been morbid-beauty
                               with depth and sin. . .
That circles the globe: of HPL and CAS.
What a mundane life (it would have been)
                               without the devil's pen.

I gripped the legacy: lying on savage ground,
the third-eye of the hunter, filled with wax—
calls for breath, in the silent Valley of Shock;
thus, stung—I remain, by the fruitless trees
                               of horror—than I hear a whisper:

"Lord, help my poor soul."

This poem, inspired by Phillip A. Ellis, 6/4/04.

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