Forever flung as snow

Phillip A. Ellis

Forever flung as snow
   upon the peaks of the night,
   silently they go,
angels of soft starlight.

When skies are dark, yet bright
   with countless stars, that flow
   in floes of brilliant light
forever flung as snow,

then softly to and fro
   in heavens' holy height,
   soft angels faintly glow
upon the peaks of the night.

Few eyes have seen alight
   these angels, few have known
   such glories soar in flight --
silently they go,

a visible rondeau
   weaving the stars aright,
   angels that stoop not low,
angels of soft starlight.

I must admit, the sight
   of these angels that sow
   the stars within the night,
I may not ever know
   forever flung.

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