Brilliant night, domain of stars

Phillip A. Ellis

Brilliant night, domain of stars
   scintilliant domain of rubied Mars,
   weave your light in mystic runes
   void of joy or pain, over the moons
ever bright.

Brilliant night, gleaming and fair,
   glowing forever with import rare,
   weave your light until all dreams
   fade, come true never, masking moon's beams
ever bright.

Brilliant night, forever full
   of legends of yore of ghost and ghoul,
   weave your light in whorls divine,
   forever adored, forever fine,
ever bright.

Brilliant night, glorious realm,
   take over my heart, come, overwhelm,
   weave your light not to be feared,
   gorgeously a part of mine own weird,
ever bright.

Brilliant night, I am your slave,
   may you ever rise over my grave,
   weave your light, make me as dust
   or chaff to the skies, to aeons rust
never bright.

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