As from their crypts, the ghouls emerge as one..

Phillip A. Ellis

As from their crypts, the ghouls emerge as one
   and look upon the slowly setting moon
that's frozen, thin, a grinning demilune,
   to howl their hatred for the hidden sun.

And as they rise, the bats are stirred to flight
   in silent throngs eclipsing moon and stars
until they seem as bleak and living haars
   whilst doors are locked, and doors are shuttered tight.

No living footsteps sound around the graves
   for fear the ghouls arise, and take their toll --
one's body rent, and raped into a hole
   that serves as entrance hall to ghoulish caves.

And whilst, within the night, the ghouls all wail,
   all people hide until the danger's passed
but most have never seen the ghoulish cast
   for few have met them, met and told their tale.

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