Eyes of the Sphinx..

Frederick Mayer

Dedicated to Jeenie Yoo

Beholds, imbued melancholy
         necromantic romantic
         mysteries of mine

Sphinx, incandescent and profound
         eddies of strange light
         gleamed like silk illuminated
         from inside
         but from inside contours of bone

         Her delicate pearly orbs
         like nocturnal flower covered in dew,
         irising open
         speaking schist oblique
         faintly luminescent

Behold, a shard of silver moon
         cutting pure throuh the air,
         pure deep into my mind.

This could be dedicated to both Eldritch Dark and Jeenie Yoo as they were on my mind at the time of its creation in Korea. I realized the poems I was considering to send/did send to you were created in the late 70's/ throughout the 80's, however,that was the decade I was really into learning who was this fantastic poet I "discovered" in the late 60's. Those I were interviewing who knew CAS first hand, like E. Hoffman Price and Emil Petija, eventually became friends and the interviews a series of pieces I was later to do on master poet Smith. Some, like Bradbury and Leiber, told me one of the greatest compliments ever given me... that they felt I was cut from the same cloth as Smith. So, this last piece is a homage,as well, to CAS and the doors he help open wider for me.

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