Peruvian Streetwalker

Frederick Mayer

I was raised
   on faerie tales,
           but my castles
   have been burnt,
  Why did they all end?
I'm now your soul kitchen,
   pick the costume
   that I should wear
a something
    beyond the veil.
I am the frozen flame fair
     that walks the street;
I'm the necropomposity
  of the city
    that you meet.

I am the flesh;
  the Aiapaec, leader of Mochican prance.
I'm the player of the antara
  that allows your onanism
   without manipulation.
I am the skull-woman;
  the cadaver, masturbator
   whose juices fresh
      spill over the carcancha
      or you, the immolation
   during the sexual dance
  within world of the dead.
Remember my words - What lives once,
         lives forever.

First published in my book "A Familiar in a Strange Land," and now out of print after two editions. I feel there is a CAS/Lovecraftian feel in it, though it was written in Peru.

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