To Clark Ashton Smith

Donald Sidney-Fryer

(13 January 1893-14 August 1961)

One with the stars and singing splendour of the night,
The alchemist of beauty and of bale is gone,
Leaving at last in long-delayed and stately flight
For worlds were never-ending suns of wonder dawn;
Where unicorned chimeras all of crystal fawn
About the breasts of sphinx and succubus asmile;
Where black, profulgent prodigies of horror spawn,
Alone or though the cunning necromantic guile
Of mighty and omniscient mages; where the vial
Of darkly glamorous night has poured its black above
Some Atlantean, enchanted, ocean-founding isle
Where prince and princes prove the philtre-spell of

One with all worlds and things of wonder
Lying lost of space and time
He is at long last gone to claim,
Once more, his native sphere sublime.

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