Commorian Vengeance

Ron Shiflet

I left Commoriom before daybreak
To seek the Voormis, yet avoid death.
Perhaps a foolish quest to undertake,
Alone to the rocks of Mount Voormithadreth.
To avenge my son and a Voormis slay,
On a lofty crag I entered a cave.
No more to be warmed by the light of day,
With firmly gripped sword I would remain brave.

Luck was with me when a Voormis, I found
With matted blood on its thick, loathsome pelt.
This subhuman beast made a leap and bound,
Cold, sharpened steel was the last thing it felt.
I severed and took its foul, shaggy head,
A dark, grisly gift to my avenged dead.

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