Opus 1926

Phillip A. Ellis

Be crowned with light, O my heart, whose fairest dreams long to lodge
within hers, rubied, to glitter fair words. Dream, dream, O heart:
the night but wearies and worries, lays low. Come, forth to find
the lilt of Lorelei, lorn on river's side, singing sweet
her songs of love and of lonely longing. Come, forth to find
the lissom lamia, coiled around night, held tight by fair
despair and fear. O be crowned with light, dark heart, cast downwards, into
the deeping shadows of night. What forces rise, forth to find
your fear and fealty unto day, light? Come, forth to find
a headway unto delight and day, to sweet light and sun,
no lightless larva to leech you, suck dry--low, down to dust.
Be crowned with light, O my heart, the shadows spurn, sunlight yearn.

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