Zhar's Epistle #8: 'Queen Zee Rei's Sphinx House Eyes'

Frederick J. Mayer

See my eyes
see my eyes
   as I lay on this bed
   within this room
   within this sleep
   within this sleeproom

Look at my eyes
look at my eyes
   within this mirrored room
   refractions and reflections...
   dragons weary of battle
   their perfumed souls
   silken threads unwoven
   lie across Ming tome,
     "The Way To Holiness Through The Flesh,"
   images depict Bliss
   savored to the very end.

See into my eyes
see into my eyes
   into mirrors of my soul
   half veiled beneath lids...
   cat and mouse
   sharing a hole
   during third moon of Spring
   jumping white tiger
   over Cinnabar field,
   into readings of the "Yellow Book"
   learning when "metal" blends with the "fire."

Visualize my eyes
visualize my eyes
   inside shines chambers
   soft obsidian surrounds...
   emerald tassels quiver
   as played daintily upon
   by slender fingers,
   a dying Asian tiger's gentle tread...

See my eyes' sight
see my eyes' sight
       in the red and the white...
    Red lanterns suspended
    burial gifts painted that hue
    preserve all from decay
    as a cosmic Red Affair,
Red Dakini, ecstatic crimson colored goddess
   in form of young girl
   refinement of emotion
   refused and infused
White Dakini
   and funeral transcendence
   of all worldly things
   mourning and death
   flowing mystic White Affair,
       white as camphor feline cries
               as arms and fur merge
       into swirling ectoplasmic halo
                of divine sphinx.

See my eyes
see my eyes
   she sings within this her room and library
   serpentine matteress eschews hybrid woman...
   predatory and inscrutable, a religio-eroticism
   of satin lined coffin of her house this home,
                    its door of dreams.

Translation from the Tcho Tcho holy of holies sacred book, "The Book Of Cracked Jade", by Dr. Koh Rei-am.

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