Lioiger Hymn #6: 'Night Lover'

Frederick J. Mayer

O Great Lady, who didn't come into being
     in the sky, who art mighty,
     Who does make happy, and dost fill ever being
     with thy beauty,
     The whole earth is under thee, thou hast taken
     possession of it...
     Thou hast taken possession of every god...
     for thyself...
     Thou hast made them shine like lamps...
     Assuredly they shall not cease from thee
     like the stars." - "Extract From Hymn To Nut,"
                             PYRAMID TEXTS

My Dreams dance in Dusk's mirror.
Stars loving with shadows of mine
Night comes and day dies still,
It's night that bears light in Her womb
To give day life.

My dreams danced with dawn
   feeling nothing,
Blinded by shades in day - Time dreams,
So I live within Life's womb
   and sleep in day deep
Till brought back to Mother
   who wakes Her son
   between the reflection and Mirror one.

I'll shun the "stars"
as they will die as false
children of Nightress...

       Now he is dying
        Now he is smiling.
          Sun god of Egyptian lore
          swallowed by Nut pre-nightly.

        Nut, Egyptian goddess of sky
          at night
          undulates with the sun
                         into Her mouth
          makes airs sultry.

        She runs deity through
            Her viens ichor
         to undulate starlight lightly.
         This love making is done/with
            earth bound being sighing...

                  Holy Lama of Tcho Tcho

Translations from PYRAMID TEXTS by the legendary Holy Lama of the Tcho Tcho  Yian-ho.
Translations from the holy/unholy GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK by Dr. Koh Rei-am.

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