Opus 1891

Phillip A. Ellis

As all things shall die,
so then I must fly
to find
no choice perchance--sigh
I might, dream a lie,
my mind
frantic to deny
I shall dustwards hie.

As all things, so I:
one alone we scry
at last,
one we prophesy
as stars fade from sky
to pass
as all fall and die,
as all things shall die.

As hours' coin shall buy
the frail damselfly,
as silt
takes and breaks the snye,
as dreams tepefy
through guilt,
fade as any dye,
so then I must fly.

When's dust Madurai
or husk dragonfly,
when bliss
has faded as sigh,
song of Lorelai,
know this--
so then I must fly,
as all things shall die.

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