Lloigor Epistle #8:

Frederick J. Mayer

tcho tcho legendary queen zee rei playing dragons dream for lloigor and invoking him

"When the Night of Love draws to its close, the Red Mist rises to greet the dawn... Through relics of a former Age, the Lotus of Life continues to bloom. Like a mirage, this second twilight reveals a Dragon's dream...." - MOUNTAIN ECSTASY

                 Dream's cry
                 thoughts drip
               into glaze
              of mind's sky
            under slip
          of a haze
Love comes in darkness'
kiss on a sultry night
  or cold day seen
   through the warm flesh
Love comes into the light's
Bearer of the light
       teeth of the dragon
Lady of Night
Night Lady,
        illustrious moon dragon,
eternity as one
and timeless
shimmer with a grin
  soft skin creature
           a dream bed
       in floral room
  She comes sweet
    flower tongue
     snapdragon allure
      magical wand
       dragonfly's tale...
It's her dream fluid too that sheds,
bites, smiles' gleam discreet,
  light brightness within dreamscape pure,
  out of the fog, sea
    inside brain's cloud womb
    mystical crystal sheen ship
    comes setting hearts to sail...
Her readings from Book of Raziel have begun.

Apparition's reality
       now such an experience
       under the Goldenrain Tree,
  Spectral brilliance
   prismatic beauty
    flowers and sky jewels dance,
  Rosary of Points upon myself, me,
    dimness of the dark
     before Dragon's eyes and see:

Secret dalliance,
   whirl and twist within flower bed
      images of unicorn, phoenix, dragon
      and Zee Goe-mool
         of these it has been said
      are known as "Ling" or "transcendental";

Dragon awake whose eyes rainbow, magic red,
    originally rested in the bowels of Mother Nature,
   now hides in Heavens and has read
          Book of Raziel,
       astrological secrets cut on sapphire
       has much wisdom,
       divine fire,
       cosmic beyond dead.

Translation from the Tcho-Korean infamous holy book GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK ("The Book of Cracked Jade") by Dr.Koh Rei-am

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