KuMiHo - Zhar Liturgy #4

Frederick J. Mayer

Zhar's Liturgies and Psalms: Section II: Eating/Food


Dark night skyless in ravel of decay
delectable chimera of erotic delight
fungil secrets among perfumed trees
ruby effuvium of iridescent sheen
eyes seen gentle furnace feral
radiant female youth seductive
human heart in carnelian abattoir
of soul and flesh, fingers quick as pain
morning dawn calm cavity corpse
spewd crimson and pearly soiled
humanity achieved.

* Achieve complete humanity by two means: 1) Devour 100 different human hearts without getting caught in the actual act and/or 2) Marrying (and consumating said marriage) one hundred humans, at seperate times, without true nature ever discovered by "mate."

Translation from the Tcho-Korean infamous GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK by Dr. Koh Rei-am

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