The Marble Tomb

Dennis L. Siluk

‘Twill be the same, the same
(I told him, when he was living),
A wood or marble tomb—
In a hundred years, let’s say
Or a hundred so called days
       What matters to he,
(He will be dead)—?
A pompous monument
Will be of no good—yet
He built it out of Marble
(Nonetheless), not wood!

Your name will be forgotten
Amongst the rubbish and roots
O’er rotting dampness; and
Who will clean your tomb?
       (I asked him all these things
Before he died; and he never
Did reply—and built his tomb
Of marble, admiring its size!)

You—in there, in that tomb…!
You cannot hear a thing—!!!!!
And out here they’re building
Yes…another mausoleum
For another rich man…!

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