Lloigor Epistle #7 As Asian Dragon:Grotesque Lotus Eater Dream Nana

Frederick J. Mayer

The grotesque outer darkness
                                       surrounded by sleep
                                      icy boney lotus leaves
                                    behind eyelids' excrescence
Dead flowers dangling
                             the naked and the dead dancing
                            shadows that weren't there
                           dragon eyes fade irising
                          expanding to encase growing embrace
                         of release becoming vaginas,
                        seven deadly sins of 7th heaven...
Seven and seven is
                         below serpentine eyes turned vulva
                        labia coitus speaking fleshy sockets
                       seven breasts and nippled
                      seventh, eye orb bearing predatory tit,
                     vagina dentata luminiferous
                    promiscuously intricate and necrotic...
Seven stars of Buddhist lore
                                      radiant limpid twists hanging in skeins
                                     shoals ravel of decay
                                    luck fuck numerically cyprian
                                   in Asian dragon of seven female animals
                                  whose diorama grin and mouth rapturous
                                 breath mingles with molten smoke...
Exquiste sapphirine scales
                                    cascading transulant lotus fire
                                   petals glassy suns, insouciance
                                  puce gloriously gorgeous and golden
                                 sepulcher and anciently long tail phallic
                                underneath, beast's cleft corporeal narghila
                               in tetanic convulsions...
The birth, you nacreous encrusted
                                              the swollen pearl ejaculated
                                             intoxicating insinuate scent scent
                                            glowing effuvium suckling
                                           respectfully obscene masticating
                                          arterial blood awashed areolae,
                                         awaken, my pretty one.

TRANS. NOTE: There has been for many ages a mysteriously missing 7th stanza to this piece, however, no one has been brave/foolish enough to re-discover it.

Translation from the Tcho Tcho holy/unholy book GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK ("Book of Cracked Jade") by Dr. Koh Rei-am

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