Hell Candy - Zhar Psalm #6

Frederick J. Mayer

Whaddya take me for
whaddya take me for
whaddya think me for...

The one eyed penis cried tears
that watered the seed,
Sun House, the heat
will burn your eyes out,
Ice circus, stone ghost,
the grotesqueries' growing embonpoint
the bloody blooming breasts
into flora, flowers, fruit...

From the world of dark and depraved,
She gave of flesh as voracious and grave,
follow into the night...

Darkness, madness
pupils vacant
in their nipples
moisture painted mirrors filled
lips without head
shiney shiney shrine
of insanity's flesh
distilled and bled...

Monsoon skin rain sheets
cover flayed and braided leather
together here painfulness moon
where the gods have no name...

Sacred quincunx red
blood cunt, vagina
hematite offal...

Black lightning,
grasping fire
carnal charnel
cooking desire
pyre and kiss
madness of the soul
Heaven's Hell,
Hell's candy...

Scent of incest incense
ulcerated, venereal chancre
rain, brain grey fog matter
sheen of sanity stripped away...

I bought you, you brought me,
everyone wants the dream to be reality,
sweets and abjection.

Translation from the Tcho Tcho holy book GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK by Dr. Koh Rei-am

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