Opus 1813

Phillip A. Ellis

The light, it lay upon the hill,
   the beacon burned away
as warriors in mail approached
   and fear the night and day.

"Who'll stand and stave off flame and blade,
   though death approaches true?"
No man would stand except alone
   the knight of Weir and few.

Within the pass he met them straight,
   and death he gave each soul
that came to take the lands beyond,
   and left each barely whole.

Within the pass he stood and stayed
   while blood from man and lad
flowed over ground, and ran in floods,
   with ravens gorged and glad.

But seas that strike the headland wear
   away the very stone,
and soon the knight of Weir remained
   to hold the pass alone.

"Behold, the tide has turned and breaks,
   the wave is beaten back."
The knight of Weir's lifeblood is thick
   upon the ground and track

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