Under Thine Aeolian Dome Wbiro


Under thine vaster Aeolian dome
I hear the lulling foam extreme
upon her footsteps rendered mute
I see her crystal haliotis gleam.

I stand on this blue alienated shore
in veils of twilight sombered west
and falling lost on the purple foam
I shoot the canopic suns and rest.

Along the gray rock-raveled spume
I sense her pleasances of mutable perfume
and turn to a love of her lost pagan things
and dream of her nymph's uncleaving bloom.

Under the high mysteriarch of a trinal noon
on my lute of jade I sing to thee
into the plum-plucked midnight strewn
and drink of her Olympian ecstasy.

In a sunken voidness absolute
where galleons crumble and krakens nurse
I tread invisibly beyond the flame
of the mightiest star of the universe.

In this undimentional cyclical vast
To a sun triumphant with strength and pride
I reach its unhorizoned granite-spined
tangled tissues of planets confined
in their tireless starry-pinioned flight.

A wizard, I, crying eerily
and with a misshapen shadow crawl
to raise my ensanguined blade then scream-
and watch the vapor phantoms flee.

I awake unknown, near the spring
carried away on oblivion's tide
while blazoned butterflies in duskier green
assail my sluggish calm oblique.

I carve a subtle ruin of suns
and blaze upon them, blinded drawn
like wisps upon the crocus dawn
awake a barbarical conjurer
and see her naked form anew.

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