The Death God Of Copan

Dennis L. Siluk

And the Death God said

And the Death God said: "Let it rise to its glory in the Rio Valley—for a season; then let it be gone, we shall call it Copan…"


Empires come and go, liken to cosmic events, or the storms around the world. Atlantis, Mu, Greece, Persia, Rome, the Inca Nation, and even the great Maya heroic times of Copan, in Central America. All came and all left, one way or another; now just dust and artifacts in the spiral of time. But I shall pick out one, just one king, Smoke-Imix [-God K], for he was the last of the great warriors, or so I believe.

[The Saga begins] Before there was 'new light,' the 8th Lord of Night ruled in the Valley of Copan…

—then light broke out [3114 BC] over the Copan Valley—and women and men walked hand in hand to create a new civilization—but where there is peace, there is blood in the sands…and this is where it all began….


[628 AD]
It was the residue of Atlantis
So some have said—now dead
Copan—the Athens of another world

Standing tall in the Great Plaza
Of Copan—carved in stone—
Stained with blood red—tones

Is the Stelae of Smoke-Imix-God K
The Great Maya warrior King
Giving praise to Tlaloc:

Tlaloc—the renowned Jaguar-god
(Smoke-Imix, ruler of the 12th Dynasty)
Lord and god of the Copan Valley

2. The King

Stelae of Copan [Tree Stone]
Stelae of Copan [Tree Stone]

Ah! the blood he gave, the blood he took
Splattered on every stone and brook
Ruler for sixty-eight years…

(With no Atlanteon tears)

He was a builder, like the Pharaohs,
Like Gilgamesh of old Uruk;
Inscribed on monuments, everywhere…

(Was his profound works)

3. Rio Capon Valley

In the Rio Copan Valley, came drought, defeat, rivalry between king and nobility that broke the back and the dreams of the Copan kings; and so it fell to its once unfailing fate, and faded away, at its zenith—ah! …it was a spectacular vista once, now fading, fading…away a…, amongst the shrubs, dust and weeds….


#467/Feb, 2005; dedicated to Clark A. Smith, Poet,
Who believed Copan was linked to Atlantis.

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