The Macabre Pier: Book two, to the epic Poem, 'The Age of Light'

Dennis L. Siluk


During the 1000-year epoch, called the 'Age of Light,' Lucifer was chained to the granite walls of the some undisclosed place in the crust of the earth; now he has broken his shackles; it is day one of the second millennium of this epoch—; he is about to reappeared on the Docks of Hell.


They were all waiting for his return, Lucifer's that is, the Adversary to God, God Almighty Himself. Euonymus, Prince of Death, now stood on the Macabre Pier, looking, just looking out into the great sea of Hades; stretching his vision as far as it would go; Amduscias, the Grand Duke of Hell, with the head of a unicorn or ram, or even human (for he could shape-shift), stood silently there also looking seaward, listening with his sharp ears of a ram for any sound of his King.

Part I:  Amduscias [And the Earth Shaker]

In this bloodless corpse underground world, where beings and creatures have marble feet, hypnotic eyes, wings of feathers on walking mammals, along with striking and unimaginable other human forms, the lusterless dead, saw light in this forthcoming new epoch that Lucifer was going to usher in. Amduscias, had his twenty-nine legions on high alert, waiting for orders, and for his Kings arrival, and he spoke:


(All was quiet)
             Said he: Amduscias,
"The Earth Shaker!"
                  (Speaking in a somber
                       Monotone ((he felt the earth shake))
"Lucifer!—Lucifer…" He
Moaned and bellowed,
"He comes…."
               His loyal friends all
                  Looking, looking, and looking;
They all stopped dreaming—breathing,
Just…just—staring, gazing, and looking:
And looking, looking, looking!
Waiting, waiting, waiting…!

Silence covered all of Hell….

Part II: The Macabre Pier

Whence he came from
No one asked! (He was just there;
As everyone hyperventilated.)
The Earth Shaker: Lucifer
Appeared! Out of now were
(Or so it seemed)

Agaliarept, the Henchman     bowed…
As Lucifer looked about,
Noticing     (seeing only)
The extreme decay…of Hell!

He looked at his Horde—

In particular,
Euonymus and Amduscias
(The Tiamat had escaped to the sea)
(Thinking, he was thinking:
     'Evil feared evil')
For within the eyes of the Horde
Evil and callous ways, lacked
(But he knew it was all from boredom).

Within a moment's breathe—
The Horde was weighed
And balanced

Dark-wisdom was still…inbred.

Pacing the Macabre Pier,
Trying to pluck
Life back
To instill digestive hate within his Flock
Was not too late… (He thought)
Not too late to:
Recoil or repeat the urges once lost.

As all Hell peered, upon his pacing—
Like a dragon in heat, Lucifer's iridescent
Green eyes, lay deep, deep
Into his—sockets
Casting a shadow of reality for the
Waiting Pack: his Horde, his Flock;
As a thousand years of conflict
Kept festering in those eyes.…

He shock the dock's foundations
With his quivering eldritch dark wings
A beholding sight, to say the least,
As if to defy:
Any and all—: and bellowed
(To Earth, and the High Heavens):
"I am—the King!!"

(And His roar echoed.)

Part III: Only Bones

To Lucifer and to ask Him (now standing on the pier moving to and fro like th3 wind, all trembling at his pant; sea-wings growing larger upon his back: seven, eight, nine, ten: ten wings were flapping like a hurricane.

Lucifer's Fancy.

"I desire a prostitute—! "
He said with an echo
(And paralyzing: 'matter of fact,' tone);

To Hell's bent destiny:

Then Shamhat appeared.
All Hell unspoken, for
He was a lustful King…
Long gone.

All the animals, a nightmare
Gathered to watch the Master
With pleasure and open-eyed,
All became surprised:
Appeared yellow fire from
His screams, their fate
Like a drunken-demigods on a chariot.
Lucifer then made
A mad-scramble
And cast his fangs into all—
All that were watching
All things—
(Beast, d-evil or man, hence
Only bones remained.)

He then washed with the waves
That wallowed their way
To his knees—
At his command.…
     Sucked a thousand-years
Of grime and slime off his body;
Lip to lip he wiped dry,
Like a dog, a cat—a priest
Making a sacrifice….

Part VI: Shamhat

Shamhat, feeling his strength
(As if by a thousand men, she was rapped.)

She tried to speak
A little groan,
"Who am I, and why?"
She cried.

"My harlot, hang onto my
Feathers," her face like snow.

The sperm of the Adversary,
Was slick and stirred,
Stirred so much it made
The waters tremble, like a
(In the Sea of Hades);

As Shamhat swallowed
Up quickly, she fled
From his bed.

     He paced and paced
Along the Macabre Pier—

He no longer could be
Aroused…this way He knew
And so started to listen
(Listen to voices above the crust
Of the earth—
Human voices to curse).

With snapping wings
Ten in all—
He laughed and laughed
Like   wind pipes    blow-ing…ing ing.
Like    drums beat-ing ing…ing.
Like a headman's cow giving birth….

With his horned tongue—
He licked the tears of laughter dry,
From his face.

Part V: The Coiled Serpent

Standing now
On the Macabre Pier
Near the water
(Like a coiled serpent;
Wings and hands coiled
As if bound around his body).

His skin dark, now shedding hair
Like a serpent shedding skin,
He felt a new excitement:
Looking at his Horde—; as
They looked at him:
Said He (definite and stern),
     "It is I, I hold the lamp
And the wants of humanity;
It was I, myself who destroyed
All that could have been,
All that wanted to be. Me, Me,
It was me…it was because God
Formed man of mud
And cast it into my face
Dust…to punish all of us!"

(His revenge was renewed.)

Life had now reentered
His body
(After a thousand-years)
Upward he looked—upward!



Notes about the Epic: The first part of the epic poem was done in November of 2004, and was done in Irregular Verse [and was originally first seen on the Eldritch Dark, Internet Magazine Site, by Boyd Pearson], the second part was completed in December and done in Open Verse. I do not want to sound as if I am an expert at what form a poem should be written in, I do know though it has to allow the voice of the poet to be revealed; thus, one should be able to be read it out loud. And therefore, I have chosen these two styles for this epic. This is no apology, just for the curious minded soul.

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