Transcended Rapture

Dennis L. Siluk

[A Sonnet for George Sterling]

Jealousy, filled his heart with tears, that beguiles
    And hate that makes wooziness was his breathe;
    He saw as one whose mind, knowith not
Where transcended raptures—are reversed cruelness
And her soul and spirit, wordless, ripped his smile.
    He was lost within her gorgeous breast:
    Prayed to God, "Thy mercy grant me…" or death!
Alas! The enchantress loves another one's smile!

Awe! Satan, Thee knowith quite well, his peer
    Oh yes! still lured to her enchantment calls
    He curses himself with thick lowered brows
His spirit, darkened (alas, an unhappy foe)
What shall life grant him, canst not be bliss?
    Wandering gloom: transcended shattered pain…

Note: A few words to the poem, George Sterling was in love with Graig, whom married Upton Sinclair in spite of his pleas not to; after he died, Graig Sinclair published a book of Sonnets Sterling wrote to her; thus, this was my inspiration for Poems No: 435, inspired by this love affair by George Sterling, a friend of Jack London's as well as CAS, who thought highly of some of his poetry.

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