The Age of Light [A Poetic Revelation of the Netherworld] An Epic Poem

Dennis L. Siluk

Prologue: Bearer of light

Surpassing all Archangels
Powerful and tall:
Turned to violence
This mighty-bull man—Lucifer!
       Angelic renegade, leader,
Hero to the demigods—
A mighty fortress to the Devils.

One third god, two third angel
Eternal: Bearer of the Light!
With matchless strength
And unparallel cruelness—
He was hurled to his fate,
From the stars.

Agaliarept, the Henchman
(Satan's right hand man in Hell)

Part I Agaliarept

Agaliarept, the Henchman, the right hand man of Lucifer and guardian of Hell; and Belphegor, the King of the Demons, along with the devils that reside in Hell's underworld: on their watchtowers, along their great walls and gates: Tyr the Mischievous, Gywan the Homosexual, Botis the blob and Stationary Guard on the great walls of the fortress by Hell's docks; Anases the scholar of Atlantis, who once ruled the British Isles, as the Grand Archnight of the Grand Tower there; who lived his last days out in the Port of Poseidonia (Atlantis); and the Princesses of Yllipha, Iffrikonn, along the ancient Atlantic coastline; where the Hippocamp's of old Atlantis swam: they were all present in this underworld kingdom; along with Ephialtes the Traitor of the Greeks of old, from the shores of the Mediterranean; Gwyllion, daughter to the Tiamat, from Wales, female spirit of darkness; and Ampara from the River Amphus; and Huwawa, from the Cedar Mountain forests of Mesopotamia, whom once fought a great battle with Gilgamesh and Enkidu; and the ancient gigantic (mother of Demon) the Tiamat (in a time before the Homo sapiens, she roamed the universe, creating chaos)—from the waters of the Black Sea and Mediterranean, and Apsu; whom fought Marduk, the mighty demigod of Babylon and now resides in the netherworld, along the Gulf of Hades; and Hell's gate keeper, Opiel (of ancient times), all pacing the dock area (the pier-platform, along the gulf coast of Hades); listening for any sounds, syllables, groans of their Master (echoes if you will); Lucifer's voice as he has now been chained to a wall; the great granite walls of the underground chamber, within the bowels of the earth for one-thousand years; until the end of: "The Age of Light."


"Where art thou?
Our Avenger!
From our throne-room augustly waiting
Chains of Iron, echoing somewhere
Seeping down into our ears."


"Eager to hear thee"
(The warriors stood)
All the fallen angels and demons:
"Here in Hell we are welcome;
By the gulf of no-return."


There is no wind
To carry the echoes—
There is no sun to see the landmass
Who then could hear, the crying Master?
      Chained in irons, staying somewhere.


Seized by terror
Turned pale like dust
Chained against, walls of granite
Archangel, of blood and doom—
Cries his dreadful, lightening echoes!


He cries, bellows:
"The staunchest stink!"
While the rat gnaws at his retched feet
No water for his solid lips,
Broken like a wild stallion!

Part II The Taunting/the Slander

Within the crust of the earth, Satan (Azaz'el), Prince of Darkness, Dark-god of the Air: now stands in unaltered darkness, against a wet clay stone wall; ill and restless with his filthy blood spotted wings, damaged from their floppy and flapping wild resistance, while being chained; his paws with nails matted; marble jaded eyes in a trance.

The Chamber [Azaz'el]

There is no sleep! For the dead
As he sadly reminisces—
And kicks the walls with his feet
And passes out, within the keep—;
He dreams of glory, once he stored
That he once had, but has no more.
And born he was with matchless strength
And die he shall, where foulness reeks.
The wind and echoes just stir
       on by,
Never reaching—lights open
"Come to me!  ye clinging henchmen.
Hurl your bodies to my feet!
Unchain me from my immortal doom."
(Hell's aghast, trembling spirits weep.)

Part III Lucifer Moans [Black Payer]

"Let me drink, drink!
Let me disappear—
Where are my weary beasts to free me?
Where is my rope to climb the keep?
Woe! Woe! Let me disappear!

"Dirt is my food!
I squat in darkness—
In forced darkness, like drunken clay;
Broken talons, and broken wings,
And ghostly shadows for my prey.

Part IV Cries from Hell


"Evil is chained
Evil is not doomed!
              The Bearer of Light will return
Ascending from the earth's womb;
Evil will be perversely groomed!

              "O Primeval King!
       O Honored Lord
       Who is dressed in webs and clay?
       We wait for your return—
       We wait in dreams and longing,

Part V Who Shall Rule Hell [Agaliarept or Belphegor]

              Belphegor: Chants

"O Hell! thy moans fall from thy lips
       and pores!
I beseech thy. Lo! Lucifer

(Wounded as he may be—suspended by walls of stone, Belphegor sought to find him, but was hurled back to Hell, by vanities echoes.')

"I beseech thy, by the gates of
"Wake!  O wake!
Thy pious king!
Silent, desolate,
Ay! it is me.
"Where art thou?"
(to the devils: Belphegor speaks)

"When good devils war with devils
I pray in thy breast—
The struggle goes on and on,
'Amen, amen,' make me king of Hell!
And feast we shall in goblets of wine.'"

The Gathering

Like a cluster of moths bumping, crushing, and fluttering upon the ancient platform of Hell's pier: the ghosts and demons, devils and human-beasts, along with angelic renegades of all different centuries—some from alien races: pace and wait, wait in this perfect oblivion—and wait….

Advance: Before the Battle

In point of fact, many wanted to take the place of Lucifer for the 1000-years, called, "The Age of Light," when the world would not be coveted by evil spirits of any kind; whereupon, humanity would be ruled by the Messiah, and thereafter, after the one-thousand years, God would release Lucifer again, and the masses in Hell to tempt humanity, to see where their hearts were. In consequence, Hell was open for the taking, should someone be able to restrain Agaliarept.

Both Agaliarept and Belphegor in these first days of Satan's incarceration: they were lost within their own stillness; Hell had become crowded. And now on the pier, skeleton figures meshed like giant lice to watch the thick arms—like mighty roots, arms of Agaliarept and Belphegor battle it out for the Archkingdom.

With eyes of blood-shot marble, the Tiamat stood back with the others, but within the first tier to watch the battle
Battle for the Underworld

They came within sight of each other
Both waiting, as their blood ran cold
With saber horns, and vociferous roars,
They paced the pier now, the Master's

       "Prepare to yield!"  Belphegor bellowed
(the King of Demons).
       Dread surged through Agaliarept's
Muscles—his lungs froze, throat dry,
Legs wobbling like fish.

They advanced—these madmen,
Limbs, limbs, swaying, crushing
(dreadful—their faces were).
"I curse you both," said Opiel.
They advanced—these madmen.
"Sleigh him!"
"Slit his throat!"

(Came voices and echoes!)
       swung their axes, their
massive axes—blood shot out
from their shadowy shapes;
as if they were of flesh and bone;
their eyes rolled   up—both, both:
toppled like meteor-stones.
Their axes penetrated deep, deep,
into the trunks of one another;
then the giant Tiamat—
with knife sharp teeth
(ready to eat)
like moving clouds:
took the throne.

After that:
Tiamat's Graze

The uncompensated force of gravity brought them down-­the Tiamat was urgently tugging now at their arms, she grinned at them, sucked and grazed (as if to eat them), and took their oath: she would be Queen, of Hell's underworld.

Part VI He has Risen [Bearer of the light]

Canto I [Bearer of the Light]

And e'en to tell, how this savage beast,
Stopped the discourse, of the Universe
Will be hard, most, most difficult to tell;
For that he did, break his perilous chains,
Wide chains, deep in the bowels of the earth.
To my bitter dismay, he lay—open eyed.
Dullness to his senses, pierc'd pitifully.
He was well (liv'd) in his weary form:
      With purpose he arose, said, "I have risen!"

Canto II [Calling of the Horde]

       Well, please'd to leave his chamber of horror
O'ver bitter stone and tears of moistened clay
              He purg'd his evil soul, a thousand-years,
"Hear me! ye followers of mine—revive!
"Revive! I am alive!" the wretched cried.
       To the Horde of Hell, sweet sounds of gloom.
     Hell was now wakened, the hour of tears.
       O'erwhelmed,—Hell bowed in silent gripping.
As Opiel, opened the lofty high gates.
                                                         [Lucifer was here]
Canto III [The Resurrection]

[From Hell he ascended
To Pergamun]]
[Satan's seat]:
On earth, as it was in Hell
"Exalt me!" he cried (the Adversary).
"I am the Unholy Father, Son and Ghost!"
And he looked about, and found on earth:
Peace and tranquility then fell to his knees.
Next, with his whore, Shamhat, he cursed the ground:
Opening her womb to consume and guide
Humanities will, heart and eyes—urges.
Thence, the Master bellowed, "Go preach my gospel!
"Fill the earth with evil; use your heal!"
[And thereafter, the 'Age
       Of Light,' disappeared]

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