Opus 1686: Ode to the False Dawn

Phillip A. Ellis

Come, O light before the dawn, and be bright
   fierily and fair; come, be beauty's maid,
   signal the very end of ebon night
wherein the spirits soared through sky and shade:
   come, O light, signal the change to day
   that arrives on wings of light and fire. Come,
spurn for the nonce those shapes that gather nigh--
   whilst ghosts, spirits and goblins know their sway
   is due to fade, whilst shadows whelm the rum,
your light's life's herald, seizes soul and sky.

Ghosts will go, be gone--they will fade to naught
   just as to havens vampires fleetly flee,
   alien cats away, though seldom caught,
and serpents slink below the seething sea;
   the nymphs will turn, returning home again
   unto the trees, orbs will fade as to dust,
and ignis faatui fly, hide their flame
   whilst your light adorns the sky: I am fain
   to praise the false dawn: it is fair, I lust
when I dream for day, darkness to break, shame.

Come, be truly fair unto me, be all
   to banish cares and spectres fair or foul;
   come, be truly fair, summon me and call
heart to heart, O my dreaming landscapes caul.
   Salve as all salves must salve: ease me and heal
   as mystic philtres ease a weary heart....
Make me as one before the night is done;
   truly I see you, fair, truly I feel
   as a man salved by mystic deeds or art
afore the very dawn has even begun.

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