Darkness On Fire - Lloigor Hymn #4

Frederick J. Mayer

Umhampered by life's disguises
all fall to tainted ashes of rebirth.
Light-blinded longing
dead wind kisses of blood
on imaginable painted gardens,
quiver to bones' touch of loving
in lunatic hope, anquish
to glow of strange fire's pyre.

Darkness clings to His kiss
caught in cool bone embrace
His umbilical tongue
would softly ream
my heart.
I flow against Him
before I kneel
like chilling night air
across silent wind loved abyss.

I suck ash honeyed sap
from naked tangled bough
before obsolete tomorrow
heated breath unremembered
Dream-dark crimson hair
ruffles shadows at moments edge
of His rapacious mouth
Ebony cascade glides to awakenings.

Perfumed petal skin,
nectar imbued me
with breathless silences
smolder, fevered,
no wish for cooling
the fire light of your kisses
upon now my ravenous heart
Wasteland longings deep within

Hard ephemeral body
on roused flesh opalescent
being wound
in smooth, curling, swelling,
pungent wisps of name
Ripples of blood thrum
an cantation
of gentle eternities.

Life cradled in poppy mist
a dusk sallow
as dead narcissus
tumble through blacken blood
dissolve and sigh...I want
to carve Him from ashen grey
resculpt so there are no spaces
between His flesh
and mine
that sifts.

Blazingly effaced the Dark
a sanguine thrust
through whinning bone marrow
Clawed tattoo throbs
on silk-fine skin,
maddened lovers,
from torturous thrist, truth...
dissolution of fear.

The Tcho Tcho people's twin gods, Lloigor & Zhar are actual twins and even though they do not have definite genders, by earth definitions, Lloigor takes on, in yin/yang tradition, the male energy role and Zhar the female role. This is why, in the land now called "Korea," the wooden Spirit poles there usually come in pairs and one is slightly taller than the other. (These poles are not truly "Korean" in origin, but are remaining signs of the Tcho Tcho people who went through the area on their long ago trek that ended on Cheju Island).

Translation of this piece from the holy book, GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK, of the Tcho Tcho by Dr.Koh Rei-am.

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