Zhar's Cantadora - Lloigor Hymn #5

Frederick J. Mayer

Dark hours
dark flowers
strange fires
strange desires

Virgin egg open
within preying bird's claw
smoke arising
ebony cloud lays upon
desert's cool scrotum
Black sky music
Oracular to be...
On vascular Gobi
cold vault vatic
Black velvet black
naked gold
in nymh light...

Aggressive harridan
corrupting flesh
mysterious impassivity
drawn to fatal androgyny
drangonfly supple dance
voluminous snake-like
stinging insectoid touch
writhing, spiky reptillian
bosoms embrace,
form smooth
glistening drops of fluid
oozing from polished wound
on eyes seeing "belle epoque."

Leans over
form Her lips
Her hair
almost blood red
down over my head
sinister, erotic intimacies
virgin whore flamming dress
swirls around my feet
blood pouring from thigh
ominously medieval instrument
of torture of misogyny enfolds
disembodied head in her hair
ecstatic, triumphant dark scarlet clad

Upon venereal flower perverse requiste
Sirens blowing replusive, hard cold, predatory,
still, there is warmth,
love within sand bed here...
Desert dawning
angel fire
blood purple runs into dark red
deep blue
sleep exquiste.

Translation of this text from the Tcho Tcho people's holy book, GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK/ "The Book of Cracked Jade," by Dr. Koh Rei-am

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