Mother of Turds

Simon Whitechapel

Ave Cloacina, Regina Mundi!

To slytte, at ye Momente of pæderastick Paroxysme, ye Throate of thy Mounte, pourynge ye Whyle ye steamynge Flux of thy Senna-stimulated Bowelles, this, & onlye this, is to summonne Her. She shalle take ye Aspecte of a Kourotrophus yf She be well pleased with thy Ritualle, claspynge to Her pediculotick Dugges Her conioynt & bawlynge Sonnes, Merde-arsed Pygopagé. Her Gowne shalle be freshlye dyed with Meconium, & there shalle wafte to thee commingled with ye wette Reeke of this ye headye Fumette of ye throttled Rattes with whych Her dropsicall Waiste shalle be circumcingled; at Ancle & Wryste shalle clatter to ye tremulous Rhythms of Her Senilitye dryed & gylded Scybala; about Her Browe shalle glister ye freshe Tænia of a Tape-Worme; from ye grumous Portalls of Her gapynge Cunnus shalle squirte in irregular Enuresis ye steamynge Pilimictio ouerfillynge sempiternouslye ye sacred Po between Her squamous Feete.

Haste thou a Questione, Her carious Mouthe shalle ope vpon thee whyle yt is yett vnspoken, for She shalle diuine ye secrett Desires of thine Hearte: Her paludall Breathe shalle blast vpon thee & Her Tongue, well noded with porphyrous Lyssæ, shalle wrythe vpon ye Gyttja risynge from Her nomous Throate, splatterynge ye Ayre with a visible Mephitis of Syllabification. Her Voyce shalle be at once a Rhonchus & a Stridor, ye basse Crepitus of crumblynge Cloacæ, ye insectiuorous Seekynge-Songes of sewerous Flitter-Myce: thou shalte vnderstande not a Worde, but yt shalle write vpon thine Hearte in ye candescent Letters of a præ-Etrurian Scrypte ye Answeare to thy Supplications.

Aye, yt is so, yt is giuen, al shalle be eternally thine: thine ye shytte-sphynxed Arse of ye mulatto Bratte in ye throbbynge Flatte beneathe! thine ye vnplumed Quimmes of ye pisse-blonde Payre from ye Video Rentalle! thine ye milke-eager Mouthe of thy Step-Sister's Babe! thine al, al thine, yf thou but acknowledge Her Queene of This Worlde.

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