Beyond the Singing Flame

Clark Ashton Smith

To introduce this story, the marvelous sequel to "The City of the Singing Flame," we can do no better than to quote in full Mr. Smith's letter to us.

In "Beyond the Singing Flame," I have found it advisable to maintain the same suggestive vagueness that characterized the other story; though I have explained many things that were left obscure in the other. The description of the Inner Dimension is a daring flight; and I seem almost to have set myself the impossible task which Dante attempted in his account of Paradise. Granting that human beings could survive the process of revibration in the Flame, I think that the new-sense-faculties and powers developed by Hastane, Angarth and Ebbonly are quite logical and possible. Most writers of trans-dimensional tales do not seem to postulate any change of this nature; but it is really quite obvious that there might be something of the kind, since the laws and conditions of existence would be totally different in the new realm.

I hope that "The City of the Singing Flame" was well- received by your readers. It has brought me several highly laudatory letters from strangers, together with requests for a sequel

Appendix from Planets and Dimensions Mirage Press 1973.

CAS published "The City of the Singing Flame" in Wonder Stories, July, 1931. "Beyond the Singing Flame" was a sequal to the first story, and appeared in the November 1931 issue of the magazine. This brief essay was from a letter from CAS to Hugo Gernsback, and was used as a preface to the tale. Both stories were combined and republished wider the common title, "City of the Singing Flame," in OUT OF SPACE AND TIME (Arkham House, 1942).

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