Triple Aspect

Clark Ashton Smith

Lo, for Earth's manifest monotony
Of ordered aspect unto sun and star,
And single moon, I turn to years afar
And ampler worlds ensphered in memory.

There, to the zoned and iris-varying light
Of three swift suns in heavens of vaster range,
Transcendent beauty knows a trinal change,
And dawn and eve are in the place of night.

There, long ago, in mornings ocean-green,
I saw vast deserts verdant with the sky,
Or under yellow moons wide waters lie
Like molten bronze that boiled with fires unseen.

Strange flowers that bloom but to an azure sun
I saw; and all complexities of light
That work fantastic magic on the sight
Wrought unimagined marvels one by one.

There, swifter shadows suffer gorgeous dooms—
Lost in an orange noon, an azure morn;
At twofold eve large, winged lights are born,
Towering to meet the dawn, or briefest glooms

Of chrysoberyl filled with alien stars
Draw from an emerald east to skies of gold.
Toward jasper waters leaning to behold,
Vague moons are lost amid great nenuphars.

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