Clark Ashton Smith

(From Christophe des Laurières)

As the fierce faun, on the cypress-bearded cape,
Desires the sea-girl, seen with billow-drifted
Hair the color of kelp and shadowy-rifted
Vulva that only knows the slow sea's rape,
And vainly stares, till the fair, unfondled nape
Goes down to ocean's coral-crofted valleys:
Then, in a daylong dream, he swings and dallies
Through the close gulfs about her swirling shape
And turns not when familiar dryads come
To tickle his bowed neck with sharpening tips
Of laughter-lifted bosoms, or to snare
His nodding yerd with loops of noon-warm hair:—
Thus, Lais, am I fain for masterdom
Upon thy flown unparted thighs and lips.

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