The Sun and the Sepulchre

Clark Ashton Smith

I saw the declivous latter sunlight fall and glitter upon the sepulchre of one whose immomentous name was holden awhile from Oblivion by the deeply-trenched remembrance of marble. And, touched ere-long by the richer fires of the horizon-cloven and ensanguined orb, those cold, marmoreal pallors blushed with a fervent blazonry of roseal-tinted splendour.

Even thus, even thus, and not otherwise, O Sun, shall thine after-fire transglorify the zoning snows and glaciers of a planet that has become the eviternal tomb of its temporal race. And thus thy latter setting, vast with the marvel of strange light and imagineless flame, shall inform those bleak and spheral pallors with a fervant blazonry of roseal-tinted splendour.

June 22. [c.1914-15]

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