Short Stories

By Clark Ashton Smith

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“The sand of the desert of Yondo is not as the sand of other deserts; for Yondo lies nearest of all to the world's rim;… ”

“A man invents a mechanism, utilizing a force which can project him laterally in universal time, thus achieving instantaneous space-transit. The force projects him beyond… ”

“A survior from the lost continents of Mu or Atlantis, appearing on our modern streets, would have seemed no stranger, no more different from others,… ”

“A planet in a far system has been colonized from Earth. After many aeons, the last of the colonists, who have preserved the original human… ”

“An ectoplasmic arm (put forth by a medium) which comes in through a farm-house window and strangles a man who has eloped with the medium's… ”

“Told by Hespire, Lemurian space-voyager, to his grandchildren. Hespire hints at strange adventures on various planets. Speaks of Ascharia, the lost planet, which had disappeared… ”

“An entity without form or substance, clinging like an atmosphere to a certain place or territory, and perhaps manifesting itself malignly by inexplicable variations of… ”


“I, a poor scrivener and the humblest monk of the Benedictine Abbey of Perigon, have been asked by our abbot Theophile to write down this… ”

“Old age, like a moth in some fading arras, will gnaw my memories oversoon, as it gnaws the memories of all men. Therefore I, Luc… ”

“The depredations of a fearsome beast, beginning near a ^Cistercian^ [Nestorian] monastery in the hills of Averoigne during a year of comets, meteors, and {.… ”

“A terrible, semi-human thing—the progeny of a sorceress and a demon-—which terrorizes the wood of Averoign. Then a long synopsis… ”

“A scientist who finds a way of penetrating the Fourth Dimension. His mechanism fails midway, however, and leaves him with his body still in the… ”

“A staid middle-aged bachelor, waiting for his fiancée in her rose-arbor, accidentally discovers that a small, never-before-used exit from the arbor leads into a strange,… ”

“Zobal the archer and Cushara the pikebearer had poured many a libation to their friendship in the sanguine liquors of Yoros and the blood of… ”

“A whisky-bottle floating in the ^Orinoco^ [Amazon] is picked up near the river's mouth, and is found to contain a ms. which details the adventures… ”

“Authorship confirmed as not being by Clark Ashton SmithSee the forum thread The Brahmin's Wisdom for more information.When the sun has sunk… ”

“It was a small bronze image of the God Ganesha, the elephant-headed, who is the [Hindu] deity of wisdom, and it stood on my writing… ”

“A lonely place in the mountains, where the trees and vegetation, within a small radius, have assumed monstrous, unearthly forms. In the midst is a… ”


“The teller of the tale presses so close to the strange vessel, in irresistible attraction, that he is drawn into some sort of trans-dimensional vortex… ”

“It is indeed strange that John Milwarp and his writings should have fallen so speedily into semi-oblivion. His books, treating of Oriental life in a… ”

“"Mordiggian is the god of Zul-Bha-Sair," said the innkeeper with unctuous solemnity. "He has been the god from years that are lost to man's memory… ”

“"I'm afraid he has found your letters to me, Leonard.""He? Who is he?""My husband, of course, stupid!""The devil! That's awkward, if true. What makes you… ”

“On planet two, a dozen members of the dominant race, self-termed the Tzaksas, had annexed themselves to a mobile feasting-table. By a convenient dispensation of… ”

“When Giles Angarth disappeared, nearly two years ago, we had been friends for a decade or more, and I knew him as well as anyone… ”

“The thrice-infamous nathaire, alchemist, astrologer and necromancer, with his ten devil-given pupils, had departed very suddenIy and under circumstances of strict secrecy from the town… ”

“Rendered from the Old French manuscript of Gaspard du Nord.Evagh the warlock, dwelling beside the boreal sea, was aware of many strange and untimely portents… ”

“Evagh the warlock, dwelling beside the boreal sea, was aware of many strange and untimely portents in midsummer. Chilly burned the sun above Mhu Thulan… ”

“When the sun begins to cool, there is a war for the possession of Mercury, between the people of Venus and the earth.… ”

“Andrew McGregor and his nephew, John Malcolm, were precisely alike, except for one particular. Both were unmistakably Scottish, to an extent that was almost caricatural;… ”

“The ultra-mundane reverberation or extension of earthly events, with unimaginable forms and significance. A man stimulates a dormant, unused sense, so that he is able… ”

“Manthar, neophyte of the sorcerer Mior Lumivix, tells the tale of his master's feud with Sarcand, a formidable wizard, son of a necromancer from Naat… ”

“A Voodoo witch-doctor who slays a rival and buries him at the foot of a ^cypress^ [baobab]. Returning years later, he conceives the idea that… ”


“The laboratory was like a citadel. It stood on a steep eminence, overtopped only by the loftier mountains, and looked out across numberless fir-thick valleys… ”

“On Zothique, the last continent on Earth, the sun no longer shone with the whiteness of its prime, but was dim and tarnished as if… ”

“Jon Montrose and his wife Mildred were passing Belaran, a sun obscured to earth-astronomers by a small dense nebula ^many^ [ten] million miles beyond Alpha… ”

“A man has invented a mechanism which galvanizes and controls dead bodies at a distance. Under its direction, corpses are sent forth to commit various… ”

“According to the custom in old Tasuun, the obsequies of Ilalotha, lady-in-waiting to the self-widowed Queen Xantlicha, had formed an occasion of much merrymaking and… ”

“At the hour of interlunar midnight, when lamps burned rarely and far apart in Susran, and slow-moving autumn clouds had muffled the stars, King Gadeiron… ”

“A man who remembers his former incarnation in a world of Alphard, and who is pursued by an evil spirit from this world, with whom… ”

“Not as the plants and flowers of Earth, growing peacefully beneath a simple sun, were the blossoms of the planet Lophai. Coiling and uncoiling in… ”

“A London business-man, on his way to his office in a thick fog, is picked up by two telescopic tentacles and finds himself on a… ”

“The old Larcom house was a mansion of considerable size and dignity, set among oaks and cypresses on the hill behind Auburn's Chinatown, in what… ”

“A devotee of absolute cosmic evil, who finally evokes {pure} evil in the form of a black radiation that leaves him petrified into a {.… ”

“"Better get that pea-shooter ready," warned Markley through the audiphone, from his seat at the controls of the rocket plane. "At this rate we'll come… ”

“Prior to certain highly deplorable and scandalous events in the year 1550, the vegetable garden of Perigon was situated on the southeast side of the… ”

“A marble Venus, exhumed in a monastery ^garden^ [turnip-field] in Averoigne by some ^monks^ [peasants], which has a baleful influence on all who touch or… ”

“"Once upon a time, there was a young man named Harry Clabberhead who, though born in the second decade of the twentieth century, possessed nearly… ”

“A station maintained in polar wastes by beings from some outer planet (perhaps Uranus) who are unable to endure the warmer climates of the earth.… ”

“When morghi, the high priest of the goddess Yhoundeh, together with twelve of his most ferocious and efficient underlings, came at morning twilight to seek… ”

“It is for the reader to decide how much importance can be attached to the manuscript left by Bernard Meecham. Doubtless few will consider it… ”

“A man begins to have waking intimations and experiences (co-simultaneous with his daily life) of a very different realm of existence. By slow degrees, this… ”

“MY NAME is Pharpetron, among those who have known me in Poseidonis; but even I, the last and most forward pupil of the wise Avyctes,… ”

“A man sees a monstrous shadow following his own and merging with it gradually, day by day; while coincidentally with this merging, he loses his… ”

“The circumstances which led Clark Ashton Smith to call his short story "The Dweller in the Gulf" "my triply unfortunate tale" 1 are both… ”


“"I've seen a pile o' shootin' stars in my time, an' I watched Halley's Comet, too, an' I seed the Aurora Borealis, burnin' like the… ”

“A house, built on the site of a forgotten manor. One night, between the study and bedroom, the owner finds himself wandering in unfamiliar chambers,… ”

“Beings from an alien system who land on the earth, but pay no attention to its human inhabitants. Finally it is discovered that they have… ”

“Colonel Manners, though some twenty years my senior, had always been one of my best friends. Therefore, it was quite a shock to me to… ”

“The sun was setting in the Syrian Desert. Already the fiery ball was concealed behind mass of glowing, red clouds, which mantled the distant horizon… ”

“The legend of Mmatmuor and Sodosma shall arise only in the latter cycles of Earth, when the glad legends of the prime have been forgotten.… ”

“A story told by a man centuries dead — the prince of a perished people. He, and all his subjects, are raised up from death… ”

“Two sorcerers, who raise up an entire people from the dead, in order that they may reign over them. The dead, however, revolt against being… ”

“'Why, you big ninny! I could never marry you,' declared the demoiselle Dorothée, only daughter of the Sieur des Flèches. Her lips pouted at Anselme… ”

“The following narrative was found among the papers of Christophe Morand, a young law-student of Tours, after his unaccountable disappearance during a visit at his… ”

“The malignant communal spirit of a ruined city, taking the sand of the desert about it for a vestment, and overwhelming caravans and lonely travellets.… ”

“I find it peculiarly difficult to express the exact nature of the sentiment which Tomeron had always evoked in me. However, I am sure that… ”

“Christopher Chandon went to his laboratory window for a last look at the mountain solitude about him, which, in all likelihood, he would never see… ”

“Mangan had observed the house with sharpening interest as he rode out to the tomato-field that morning on a truck overcrowded with unwashed Mexicans and… ”

“The time-traveling machine, which goes into the future · and lands in a foreign world when it stops, because it has stood still in space… ”

“"Tom is terribly in love with you, Dora. He'd stand on his head in a thistle-patch if you told him to. You won't find a… ”


“FakhreddinFakhreddin, Grand Vizier to Abdallah Harun Al-Raschid, seventh Caliph of the race of the Abassids, was a tall, handsome man, well versed in all the… ”

“Sidaiva, court-dancer of Ummaus, famed throughout Zothique for the grace of her dancing and the beauty of her feet, incurs the jealousy of Princess Lunalia,… ”

“Someone introduced him to her as she stepped from the surf at the bathing beach. She was blonde as a daffodil, and her one-piece suit… ”

“'Athlé,' said Maal Dweb, 'I suffer from the frightful curse of omnipotence. In all Xiccarph, and in the five outer planets of the triple suns,… ”

“Maal Dweb, bored with his omnipotence, goes forth in disguise to visit one of the worlds over which he rules. There he allows himself to… ”

“A spirit from a lost world (of which the asteroids are the remaining fragments) which takes possession of a drug-steeped fiction-writer and uses his brain… ”

“You may set this story down as a case of coincidence. Indeed, you may not believe it at all. But the facts are well authenticated,… ”


“A phantom galley from Atlantis, that roams the seas, still seeking the lost continent.… ”

“It was well known that Adompha, king of the wide orient isle of Sotar, possessed amid his far-stretching palace grounds a garden secret from all… ”

“[A gargoyle on the new-built cathedral of Vyones, which comes to life at night, and terrorizes the town with eerie and prankish depredations.]… ”

“'It is a very strange place,' said Amberville, 'but I scarcely know how to convey the impression it made upon me. It will all sound… ”

“"I'll wager a hundred rupees that you won't stay there over-night," said Nicholson.It was late in the afternoon, and we were seated on the veranda… ”

“Duringthe reign of the Caliph Vathek, a young man of good repute and family, named Noureddin Hassan, was hauled before the Cadi Alimed ben Becar… ”

“An entity like a gigantic fire-ball, from some alien planet, which devours the corpses in graveyards and morgues, and even breaks into the mummy-cases in… ”

“A woman dies, willing her skull to her sweetheart on condition that he should keep it always with him. He is gradually transformed into a… ”

“A space-ship manned by three terrestrial explorers is wrecked on an asteroid. One of the three survives, and is worshipped as a god by the… ”

“Jonas Turple and Caleb Udley, joint owners of the sole undertaking establishment in ^Ramsville^ [Johnsville], were continuing an immemorial dispute."You couldn't embalm a salted herring,"… ”

“Two undertakers, one of whom has a poor opinion of his partner's abilities, particularly as an embalmer. He tells him, "If I die before you… ”

“I have no reason to expect that anyone will believe my story. If it were another's tale, probably I should not feel inclined to give… ”

“This is not a moral story; for which deplorable fact the Auburn gossip-mongers are at least partly to blame. Indeed, it is only fair to… ”

“(Class-room lecture given by the Most Honorable Erru Saggus, Professor of Hamurriquanean Archaeology at the World-University of Toshtush, on the 365th day of the year… ”

“Panjore is a little native state in India, not big enough to be of any political consequence, but still large enough to have a walled… ”


“Several years ago, I shall not give the exact date, I received an invitation from a second cousin of mine, one Charles Burleigh, to visit… ”

“Among the many queer shops in San Francisco's Chinatown is that of a Japanese dealer in antiques—Takamoto Satsuma. Satsuma himself is a puzzle, but his… ”

“An unknown sect of moon-worshippers, who practice witchcraft and various baleful rites, and who are presided over by an intelligence from the dark side of… ”

“'By the Ram with a Thousand Ewes! By the Tail of Dagon and the Horns of Derceto!' said Azédarac, as he fingered the tiny, pot-bellied… ”

“Roger Farway had not declined his uncle's hospitality through mere independence, nor a desire to avoid imposing himself too onerously on a busy fiction-writer. The… ”

“I have seldom been able to resist the allurement of a bookstore, particularly one that is well supplied with rare and exotic items. Therefore I… ”

“A lost explorer who is freezing to death in the Arctic falls, into a dream, in which he lives through a long drama that takes… ”


“A young couple, Elinor and ^Gilbert^ [Robert] Hinton, and their child Donald, have taken an old, gambrelled house in the town of Arkham, renowned for… ”

“Quanga the huntsman, with Hoom Feethos and Eibur Tsanth, two of the most enterprising jewelers of Iqqua, had crossed the borders of a region into… ”

“I do not mean to boast when I say that cowardice has never been among my failings. It would be needless to boast, in view… ”

“Cliff Howard's first sensation, as he came back to consciousness, was one of well-nigh insufferable heat. It seemed to beat upon him from all sides… ”

“An explorer caught by the aboriginals of Mercury, who is tied to the back of a salamander-like monster that carries him away into the sun-ward… ”

“The first effects of hashish, like those of opium, are often disappointing to the Occidental: mere drowsiness, or trivial dreams, and slight half-conscious hallucinations are… ”

“{These paragraphs precede the beginning of the published version of "The Last Hieroglyph"; April 7, 1934}It was said of Vergama, in the lattermost ages, that… ”

“From a somewhat prolonged acquaintance with Oliver Woadley, I can avow my belief that the story he told me, in explanation of the dire embarrassment… ”

“A man who remembers his incarnations in the future, and becomes convinced that his own chain of lives is moving backward in time — fleeing… ”

“"Confound you," said Langley in a hoarse whisper that came with effort through swollen lips, blue-black with thirst. "You've gulped about twice your share of… ”

“Two explorers, wandering in the Gobi desert, lost, and searching for water, come to a series of strange, regular-shapen pits in the desert floor. Examining… ”

“An invisible barrier, like a city wall, is encountered by explorers in the Gobi desert. Groping, they find a gate in this wall—and are trapped… ”

“A man sees a companion devoured piecemeal by some invisible entity.… ”

“A dirigible world, rendered invisible by a ray which its inhabitants employ, approaches earth, and its presence is detected by perturbations in the movements of… ”

“Between the sun's departure and return, the Silver Death had fallen upon Yoros. Its advent, however, had been foretold in many prophecies, both immemorial and… ”


“Nikhal Singh, Rajah of Anapur, was acquiring the obese complacency of middle age; and his memories were blurred and befogged by a liberal use of… ”


“With one backward look at the bowery suburbs of Damascus, and the street that was peopled only by the long, faint shadows of a crescent… ”


“Nushain the astrologer had studied the circling orbs of night from many far-separated regions, and had cast, with such skill as he was able to… ”

“Malygris the magician sat in the topmost room of his tower that was builded on a conicall hill above the heart of Susran, capital of… ”

“Some who read this narrative will no doubt remember the disappearance of the eccentric millionaire Domitian Malgraff and his Chinese servant Li Wong, which provided… ”

“It will be said, by nearly all who peruse this narrative, that I must have been mad from the beginning; that even the first of… ”

“Pharazyn the prophet abode in a tall house of granite built on the cliffy heights above a small fishing-village on the northernmost coasts of Zabdamar,… ”

“I come of a hard-headed, long-lived race — a puritan family, conspicuous for strength of constitution and sanity of mind. Though not unimaginative, I have… ”

“A great brain in the center of the moon, formed of an unknown life-substance allied both to protoplasm and the radio-active minerals. It is growing… ”

“A man who finds a strange, unknown path at the full moon, and follows it into an ultramundane valley of ethereal loveliness. Here he finds… ”


“Arthur Merton, British resident at Jizapur, and his cousin, John Hawley, an Agra newspaper editor, who had run down into Central India for a few… ”

“Two gargoyles, wrought by the same carver, on the new-built cathedral of Vyones, one of which is expressive of malignant hatred, and the other of… ”

“Among the many gargoyles that frowned or leered from the roof of the new-built cathedral of Vyones, two were pre-eminent above the rest by virtue… ”

“One Professor ^Robert^ Camelie, biologist, and soi-disant graduate of the Sorbonne, has been creating animal prodigies in his secluded laboratory and selling them at huge… ”

“"Sahib," said Hir Mohammed, "this weapon has not its equal in all Delhi. From far Singapore it came—from the land of the Malays, and its… ”

“"Sahib," said the sword-dealer, "this blade, which came from far Singapore, has not its equal for sharpness in all Delhi."He handed me the blade for… ”

“To Mandor, son of Famorgh, and sixtieth king of Tasuun, there came in the latter days of his tyranny the consort he had neither desired… ”

“Gilies Grenier the sorcerer and his wife Sabine, coming into lower Averoigne from parts unknown or at least unverified, had selected the location of their… ”

“"I'm going to put you fellows off on the first world of the first planetary system we come to."

The icy deliberation of Captain Volmar's tones… ”

“A party of scientists, exploring the asteroids, finds some ancient, fragmentary ruins on Eros, as well as on certain of the others, arguing, by their… ”

“Man's conquest of the interplanetary gulfs has been fraught with many tragedies. Vessel after vessel, like venturous motes, disappeared in the infinite — and had… ”

“I remember that I grumbled a little when Mior Lumivix awakened me. The past evening had been a tedious one with its unpleasant familiar vigil,… ”

“By the light of the four small waning moons of Xiccarph, Tiglari had crossed that bottomless swamp wherein no reptile dwelt and no dragon descended;… ”

“With no other light than that of the four diminutive moons of Xiccarph, each in a different phase but all decrescent, Tiglari had crossed the… ”

“A murder, or series of murders, committed by a Robot no bigger than a child, under the direction of its inventor.… ”

“Beings who appear in our world, dwindling down from some major universe on an unknown scientific quest. Feared and pursued by men (though without hostile… ”

“A process of universal crumbling, which begins and spreads in a circle, turning the world into fine dust.… ”

“In the year 2197, the first intimation of a strange peril of world-wide scope and gravity came and passed unrecognized for what it really was… ”

“Millicent Page has married the scientist, Geoffrey Gorbel, noted for his research in biology. She is puzzled, on their wedding night, by the mixture of… ”

“Don Juan meets a real vampire and spends a night with her. Pretending to be asleep, he feels the wound that she makes in his… ”

“1"I must warn you that the drug is not wholly reliable," said the drum-chested, mummy-lean keeper of the dive. His voice boomed like the… ”

“A dismal, fog-dank afternoon was turning into a murky twilight when Theophilus Alvor paused on Brooklyn Bridge to peer down at the dim river with… ”

“The change occurred before he could divest himself of more than his coat and scarf. He had only to step out of the shoes, to… ”

“A tiny elf-like apparition, seen only by moonlight, by a man who is sorrowing for his dead sweetheart. Years later, in another woman whom he… ”

“A barren, boulder-strewn moraine, which has a secret aspect of mysterious and perhaps futuristic life, inhabitation and activity.… ”

“In Umbri, City of the Delta, the lights blazed with a garish brilliance after the setting of that sun which was now a coal-red decadent… ”

“"Why must you always hurry away, my little one?"The voice of Mere Antoinette, the witch, was an amorous croaking. She ogled Pierre, the apothecary's young… ”

“"Why must you always hurry away, my little one?" The voice of Mere Antoinette, the witch, was an amorous croaking. She ogled Pierre, the apothecary's… ”

“An Egyptologist disappears. Amid his property is a supposedly empty mummy-case, which had once contained the body of the high-priest, Hammen-Tha. This case is found… ”

“The following pages are from a note-book that was discovered lying at the foot of an oak tree beside the Lincoln Highway, between Bowman and… ”

“{Ms.} left by Adrian Thomas, young piano-tuner of Pine Valley. Thomas is returning homeward after several visits to rural houses, and is passing the unkempt… ”

“Rattlesnake venom used by radio to effect a series of unaccountable murders.… ”


“In a sense, it is fortunate that the story I must now relate should be so largely a thing of undetermined shadows, of halfshaped hints… ”

“A woman, supposedly dead, but possibly in a cataleptic state, is left in an open coffin in the family vaults, on the chance that she… ”

“Yadar, prince of a nomad people in the half-desert region known as Zyra, had followed throughout many kingdoms a clue that was often more elusive… ”

“In one sense, it is a mere truism to speak of the evocative power of words. The olden efficacy of subtly woven spells, of magic… ”

“The authentic talent of Francis La Porte, fiction-writer, was allied with an industry no less than prodigious. Unfortunately, he was self-critical to an excessive degree.… ”

“A wanderer in the desert, who finds an oasis inhabited only by a beautiful girl, named Neria. He loves her, and is content to dwell… ”

“My sojourn in the city of Malnéant occurred during a period of my life no less dim and dubious than that city itself and the… ”

“It was beneath the immaculate blue of a morning in April that I set out to keep my appointment with Guenevere. We had agreed to… ”


“The Alcyone is compelled to land for repairs on a world of Alioth; but this world is almost entirely covered with water. A small isle… ”

“"I believe," announced Morley, "that the roofless temples of Mu were not all devoted to solar worship, but that many of them were consecrated to… ”

“Allen Finlay and his bride Margaret lease an old country mansion that had reputedly belonged to a sorcerer and sorceress, now dead and buried in… ”

“Whence it came originally no one knows, although there are many tales current about it. One legend says that the stone came from Persia about… ”

“Back in the old days, before India ever heard of the Feringhees, when the great Akbar sat on is throne in Delhi, and ruled Hindustan… ”

“Cairo was for several years my abiding place. During that time I met with a number of queer adventures. The queerest of which is the… ”

“A man who discovers that his earthly personality is a mere organ or appendage of some greater self, functioning in another world.… ”


“The pawnshop was so crowded with unredeemed articles, that neither electricity nor sunlight could dissipate fully the murk of its doubtful corners. The windows were… ”

“Once there was an idealist who sought for the Perfect Woman. In the course of his search, which lasted many years, and was thorough and… ”

“It was late summer, and the Georgetown road was deep with dust, which had settled like a dun pall on the bordering chaparral and pines.… ”

“Rodis and Hilar had climbed from their natal caverns to the top chamber of the high observatory tower. Pressed close together, for warmth as well… ”

“A young scientist, who is trying to invent a practical space-ship, receives a visit one evening from a strange man whose age he cannot determine.… ”

“By profession, Francis Melchior was a dealer in antiques; by avocation he was an astronomer. Thus he contrived to placate, if not to satisfy, two… ”

“An amateur astronomer is studying a certain remote, obscure star, which fascinates him greatly, when he falls into a cataleptic condition. In this state, which… ”

“They were sitting a fairly proper distance apart, on their favorite moss-grown boulder, at the end of the leaf-strewn autumn trail they had taken so… ”

“'It is remarkable.' said Dr. Manners, 'how the scope of our pharmacopoeia has been widened by interplanetary exploration. In the past thirty years, hundreds of… ”

“Have I ever "seen a ghost?" Have I had reason, at any time, to suspect the presence or existence of the supernatural? Have I, as… ”

“A man picked up on a piece of wreckage in mid-Atlantic, who tells a strange tale of how his ship was haunted by a sea-god… ”

“In these after-days, when all things are touched with insoluble doubt, I am not sure of the purpose that had taken us into that little-visited… ”

“The following is translated from an old manuscript of the time of Limour the Lame. The author's identity is unknown.Takoob Khan, the Sultan of Balkh,… ”

“Alcouz Khan was the only son of Yakoob Ullah, Sultan of Balkh. Unruly and vicious by nature, he was anything but improved by the luxury… ”

“Several people disappear bodily, and are reintegrated in the Black Dimension by means of a force employed by the savants of that sphere.… ”

“A race on some alien planet, who have the faculty of attracting atomic material to themselves at will, and taking any physical form desired, even… ”


“^Jacques Dindonneau^ [Guillaume le Morve], charcoal-burner and poacher, hunting a stag by night in the forest of Averoigne, stumbles inadvertently upon a Shabbat held by… ”

“When Clark Ashton Smith penned the fifth tale of Zothique, "The Voyage of King Euvoran", in early 1933 and offered it for publication, it was,… ”


“There was more than one reason why Bently did not view his appointment as British Resident at Shaitanabad with enthusiasm. The climate was reported to… ”

“A corpse has been dismembered, and its parts buried in different places by the murderer. He develops the hallucination that the pieces are trying to… ”

“Angarth and Hastane return to the ruins of Ydmos, and find that the stricken Flame has begun to spring again in its chasm. They feel… ”

“Gerard de l'Automne was meditating the rimes of a new ballade in honor of Fleurette, as he followed the leaf-arrased pathway toward Vyones through the… ”

“"No, as I've told you fellows before, I haven't a red cent's worth of faith in the supernatural."The speaker was Arthur Avilton, whose tales of… ”

“I had been out of work for several months, and my savings were perilously near the vanishing point. Therefore I was naturally elated when I… ”

“Ten pages (will take a while to load)… ”

“I seemed to know with a loathly prescience the sight that awaited me beyond the sill. But the reality would have put to shame the… ”

“"Two sorcerers, twin brothers. One kills the other, and furiously seeks a translator for the key to a mysterious Arabic text ("fifteenth century, school of… ”

“An explorer follows a little-known river in Africa which suddenly plunges into an ^alien^ [unknown] world or dimension. In this world, the river turns to… ”

“A circus had arrived in Auburn. The siding at the station was crowded with long lines of cars from which issued a medley of exotic… ”


“Listen, for this is the tale that was told to a fair lamia by the demon Charnadis as they sat together on the top of… ”

“Raoul, Comte de la Frenaie, was by nature the most unsuspicious of husbands. His lack of suspicion, perhaps, was partly lack of imagination; and, for… ”

“They were lying coupled on a bed of golden moss, where the sunrays fell through a cleft in the high foliage, when Raoul fond them.… ”

“A scarab of lapis lazuli, looted from an old tomb by an Egyptologist, which gives the appearance of being haunted or animated by some unknown… ”

“In the private laboratory which his practice as a psychiatrist had enabled him to build, equip and maintain, Dr. Carlos Moreno had completed certain preparations… ”

“"Well," said Guy Magbane, "I notice that you're still alive." His curtain-shadowed lips, as they shaped the words, took on a thin, ambiguous curve that… ”

“\"Yes, I found the place,\" said Falmer. \"It\'s a queer sort of place, pretty much as the legends describe it.\" He spat quickly into the… ”

“It was in the fall of 1947, three days prior to the annual football game between Stanford and the University of California, that the strange… ”

“The Lord Ralibar Vooz, high magistrate of Commoriom and third cousin to King Homquat, had gone forth with six-and-twenty of his most valorous retainers in… ”

“The Shah sealed the letter and summoned a servant from another room. The servant entered, and salaamed till his long beard touched the floor."Ahmet," said… ”

“I, who record these future memories, have passed through the portals of a myriad incarnations and death. My lives are part of all earthly history:… ”

“A strange drug from a world of Algol, which causes an astral projection of the users into this world, leaving their bodies on earth in… ”

“The terrestrial explorer, landing in the twilight zone of the dark frozen side of Mercury, who is driven forth by the inhabitants toward the burning… ”

“"Tell me something new," she moaned, twisting in his arms on the sofa. "Say or do something original—and I'll love you. Anything but the wheezy… ”

“Istarelle, the sorceress of Averoigne, reputed to be the daughter of Satan himself, is seated in her tower before a magic mirror. She sees in… ”

“A young man, engaged and soon to be married, is visiting a male friend in the country. In one of his rambles, he comes upon… ”

“It is told of the necromancer Avalzaunt that he succumbed at length to the inexorable termination of his earthly existence in the Year of the… ”

“It was on Spanish Mountain, where he had climbed from Donner to escape the society of his fellow-campers, that Lemuel Sarkis first et the people… ”

“A man taken to an alien world, who suffers from the strange impressions to which he is subjected, and undergoes for relief an operation at… ”

“We present three versions of this story—Version I being a first draft of the tale, Version II a second draft, and Version III an unfinished… ”

“It is not remorse that maddens me, that drives me to the penning of this more than indiscreet narrative, in the hope of finding a… ”

“A man dies, and leaves two corpses, in two different places.… ”

“It was in Benares, in the year of 1897, that I met Rama Kalindra Das. I had been sent up from Calcutta on business, in… ”

“I do not remember where or with whom the evening had begun. Nor can I recall what vintages, brews and distillations I had mingled by… ”


“Gnydron, a continent of the far future, in the South Atlantic, which is more subject to incursions of "outsideness" than any former terrene realm; and… ”

“I, Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum, shall write with my left hand, since I have no longer any other, the tale of everything that befell Tirouv… ”

“This tale was suggested by the reading of "The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Maundeville", in which the fantastic realm of Abchaz and the… ”

“It has become needful for me, who am no wielder of the stylus of bronze or the pen of calamus, and whose only proper tool… ”

“Athammaus, the public executioner of Commoriom, beheads the outlaw, Nicautal ^Zhaun^ [Zan], and afterwards oversees his entombment. The next day, Nicautal Zhaun reappears on the… ”

“Let it be said as a foreword to this tale that I have robbed no man who was not in some way a robber of… ”

“A malignant entity, or cosmic spirit from the southern pole, which pursues a party of explorers and kills them one by one, leaving on each,… ”

“My Father, lord, can scarcely be unknown to you, inasmuch as the Caliph Motassem had entrusted to his care the fertile province of Masre. Nor… ”

“"I have been faithful to thee, Cynara, in my fashion."John Alvington tried to raise himself on the pillow as he murmured in his thoughts the… ”

“Out of the fiery furnace of the desert sunset, he came to meet our caravan. He and his camel were a single silhouette of shadow-like… ”

“Evening had come from the desert into Faraad, bringing the last stragglers of caravans. In a wine-shop near the northern gate, many traveling merchants from… ”

“A man who has fled through many years and lands from the persecution of some obscure, inimical and demonian entity. At last he thinks he… ”

“It was-after interminable debate and argument with himself, after many attempts-to. exorcise the dim, bodiless legion of his fears, that John Sebastian returned to the… ”

“A man passes through an old Druidic trilithon of evil repute among the peasants of the district where it is located, and finds himself subject… ”


“Paul Tregardis found the milky crystal in a litter of oddments from many lands and eras. He had entered the shop of the curio-dealer through… ”

“A man, who, in trance, goes back in earthly time to the very beginning, when Ubbo-Sathla, the primal one, out of whom all terrestrial life… ”

“I do not know how long I had been drifting in the boat. There are several days and nights that I remember only as alternate… ”

“Sir John Longacre, formerly of the law-firm of Longacre, Windish and Windish, had started out a little before sunset for a pleasant, if not to… ”

“I then dismissed the matter from my mind, having several important cases on hand.My subordinate, Lal Singh, a Sikh, reported the following morning."Sirdar," he said,… ”


“An organized, intelligent vapor, utterly different in its properties from mundane forms of gas or mist, which invades the earth from interstellar space. It has… ”

“"The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis" and "The City of the Singing Flame" are the two works for which Clark Ashton Smith is most famous. But ironically,… ”

“If the doctors are correct in their prognostication, I have only a few Martian hours of life remaining to me. In those hours I shall… ”

“Ten pages (will take a while to load)… ”

“Some human explorers ^in a deserted ancient city on Mars^ [on a dying world] who are driven to take shelter in subterranean vaults by a… ”

“The statuette was not more than twelve inches in height, and represented a female figure that somehow reminded me of the Medicean Venus, despite many… ”

“An archaeologist in ^a ruined city^ [an old city of the Khmers], who finds an ancient writing, in English in his own script. Afterwards he… ”

“I thank you, friend, but I am no drinker of wine, not even if it be the rarest Canary or the oldest Amontillado. Wine is… ”

“A crew of pirates have landed on a desert West Indian isle to bury their loot, and find a strange antique jar that has been… ”

“Tsandai, a savant of Zothique, a world of one of the suns of Ophiuchus, has fallen foul of the local scientific fraternity in general; and… ”

“The crown of the kings of Ustaim was fashioned only from the rarest materials that could be procured anywhere. The magically graven gold of its… ”

“There are many marvellous tales, untold, unwritten, never to be recorded or remembered, lost beyond all divining and all imagining, that sleep in the double… ”

“To a cursory observer, it might have seemed that Bob Haines and Paul Septimus Chanler had little enough in common, other than the predicament of… ”

“Two earthmen, stranded on Mars, and without funds, are approached by a great Martian, who offers them lucrative employment of an un-specified nature. Accepting the… ”


“The instructions of Famorgh, fifty-ninth king of Tasuun, were minutely circumstantial and explicit, and, moreover, were not to be disobeyed without the incurring of penalties… ”

“^Ootal^ [Zoon] Wuthoqquan, rich usurer of Uzuldaroum, denies an alms to aged beggar on the street. Thereupon the beggar proceeds to utter a cryptically disagreeable… ”

“"Give, give, O magnanimous and liberal lord of the poor," cried the beggar.Avoosl Wuthoqquan, the richest and most avaricious money-lender in all Commoriom, and, by… ”

“An anchorite, suspected of sorcery, in the forest of Averoigne, who keeps a pack of savage dogs, of which he is inordinately fond. Several of… ”

“Bernice and I, Harry Travis, have followed our trade, or what was our trade, many lands and with varying success. When we came to San… ”

“Tortha, the poet, with strange austral songs in his heart, and the umber of high and heavy suns on his face, had come back to… ”

“The picture was more than five hundred years old; and time had not changed its colors, unless to touch them with the mellow softness of… ”

“Apart from the study of ethnology and mythology, Shaemus Mc-Gilder's main interest is the frequentation of barrooms. This third interest, however, is concomitant and subsidiary… ”

“Sabmon the anchorite was famed no less for his piety than for his prophetic wisdom and knowledge of the dark art of sorcery. He had… ”

“An artificial planetoid, constructed by a rich scientist, and hurled into space to a distance at which it will become a new satellite of the… ”


“Long had the wasting summer pastured its suns, like fiery red stallions, on the dun hills that crouched before the Mykrasian Mountains in wild easternmost… ”


“A man buys a deserted farm on which are four graves. One evening, by moonlight, he meets a girl of ten or twelve in the… ”

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