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Posted by: calonlan (IP Logged)
Date: 11 July, 2005 02:26PM
Dear friends of this site - boyd's thread on the reasons for the site being down is closed, so I am writing here just a little reminder - a little journey into the site info section will bring to mind that you may not have pitched in a little to help keep it afloat. So this is my personal little nudge to "fetch up" if you can -
get a paypal account, it is easiest. It is important, is it not?
Dr. F

Re: gadfly
Posted by: Boyd (IP Logged)
Date: 11 July, 2005 05:44PM
Shucks, I'm not the Red Cross or anything worthey, I would prefer not to be some sort of virtual pan-handler so don't feel obliged.

Re: gadfly
Posted by: voleboy (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2005 02:13AM
I wouldn't mind you working on my home page, if that's not a problem. If it isn't, email me with a schedule of charges, and we can discuss things.

I've also approached a few businesses here, but they've not been interested.

Re: gadfly
Posted by: calonlan (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2005 05:48PM

I appreciate the modesty dear lad, but supporting you is our responsibility if we are able; after all it's not the national debt. And you are indeed worthy, though in a different way than the RC - We here deal with cosmic hurricanes and earthquakes.
yours from the comet's tail (about the only tail I can manage on a regular basis)
dr. f

Re: gadfly
Posted by: Boyd (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2005 06:54PM
I know every ones a lad to you, but I am 30 (something)! :-)

Re: gadfly
Posted by: calonlan (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2005 08:21PM

don't forget the adjective: "dear lad" -- you are in the age range of me youngest
offspring (oh, but the springing was fun!) -- treasure youth, and make the most of it; carpe diem! Oscar Wilde: Dorian Grey - "Youth, youth, there is nothing in the world but youth!!! (spoken by George Sanders to Hurd Hatfield in the film) --

Wouldn't it be great if one day we could have a mini-convention somewhere where all of us could gather? Australia or New Zealand would be nice.

I am about to play 'Grampa' in the play, "On Borrowed Time" - do any of you know this charming little piece? It will be a pleasure to get death up a tree.

Re: gadfly
Posted by: voleboy (IP Logged)
Date: 13 July, 2005 01:54AM
calonlan Wrote:
> It will be a pleasure to get death up a tree.

With all that boniness, a mere dog should suffice.

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Re: gadfly
Posted by: calonlan (IP Logged)
Date: 13 July, 2005 09:32AM

Dear Phil -- Death, in the play, is urbane, sophisticated, well-dressed, highly articulate, and, essentially, kind though inexorable -- played by Sir Cedric Hardwicke in the film version with Lionel Barrymore and Beular Bondi - marvelous and charming little show. The medieval representations of death as "bony" emerged largely after the "black death" wiped out a quarter of the population of Europe, and folks were accustomed to 'bone-fires' (sic: bonfires), and began carrying asfoetida bags ("a pocket full of posies") to ward off the evil -- alas, "ashes, ashes, all fall down". The "ring around the rosy" was a description of the first signs of the disease. Sorry for the meandering side trip, just musing at the "vanilla" and
emasculated entertainment devised by "educators" for children these days, often pushing a subliminal message for some social agenda(see 'Shark Tales"), as opposed to the fear-filled delicious tales gathered by the Grimm brothers. Interestingly, I have not observed anyone making the connection with Clark's work and the ancient fairy tales his generation (and mine) grew up on -- our first contact with wizards, witches, sorcerers, and monsters of evil intent - etc.

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