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Averoigne revisited
Posted by: Gaspard du Nord (IP Logged)
Date: 26 June, 2013 09:06PM
I'm probably at the pulpish end of the spectrum that constitutes admirers of CAS. In 2011, learning that Marvin Kaye had bought Weird Tales and intended to show more respect for its roots, I submitted a couple of stories. One was a new tale of Averoigne, which Kaye described as "excellent" and accepted along with another.

Early this month, Kaye abruptly and impersonally informed me and quite a few others that he was going "to pass" on our stories as a means of reducing his "huge fiction inventory." I have been a professional writer and editor from the age of 18 (and the author of 25 published novels under another pen-name) and have never come across similar disregard of a commitment in my life.

I have now issued my two stories as an independently published Kindle eBook, Witchery: A Duo of Weird Tales. An introduction tells the full story of its raison d'etre, and forms perhaps a story even more weird than the fiction!

I'd be pleased to hear any comments and criticisms about Black Art in Vyones.

Re: Averoigne revisited
Posted by: wilum pugmire (IP Logged)
Date: 26 June, 2013 11:26PM
I am sorry to hear that your stories have been so badly treated by WEIRD TALES. I was rather excited about Kaye taking over as editor and hoping to concentrate, moreso than other editors, on returning in some fashion to WT's roots--but this is extremely discouraging. I have long had this intense ache to work on a book of tales inspired by Smith's oeuvre, but the few stories that I have written have not been too impressive, and I doubt that I have what it takes for this longed-for project. But I can't stop returning to it and trying one more time. Alas that I don't own Kindle and cannot read your tales.

"I'm a little girl."
--H. P. Lovecraft, Esq.

Re: Averoigne revisited
Posted by: Gill Avila (IP Logged)
Date: 27 June, 2013 12:45AM
You can download a Kindle app to your computer--that's what I did. An iPad is good too.

Re: Averoigne revisited
Posted by: phillipAellis (IP Logged)
Date: 27 June, 2013 01:46AM
I too am sorry to hear of your treatment. It is shoddy & unprofessional indeed.

Re: Averoigne revisited
Posted by: Gaspard du Nord (IP Logged)
Date: 27 June, 2013 03:30AM
Wilum, This question of old v. new is one of very long standing and was confronting editors more than 40 years ago ... or even earlier. Robert A. W. Lowndes, the respected veteran editor I mentioned and quoted in my book introduction (yes, you really must get the free Kindle for PC!) also said in January 1969:

"...styles of writing, presentation, etc., change; and of course the young reader who wants to be completely modern and up to date in everything becomes super-sensitive to stories that other people might say are old-fashioned. Unfortunately, this is the sort of reader who is likely to make most noise -- write frequent letters to the editor -- while a much larger section of the readers may be neither afraid nor ashamed to recognize and enjoy a good story just because it does not conform to the latest fashions and fads in writing. Nor again do most readers feel compelled to define 'good story' according to the 'party line' of the latest trends. But they aren't the noisy ones!"

Re: Averoigne revisited
Posted by: Gaspard du Nord (IP Logged)
Date: 3 July, 2013 10:09PM
A quick update. Keith West has posted again about the odd behavior of the co-publisher and editor of the latest incarnation of Weird Tales magazine. It's at Keith's blogspot, Adventures Fantastic. He also provides a link to the Amazing Stories blog, [], where he gives a handsome and flattering review of <i> Witchery: A Duo of Weird Tales</i>. But I like best his comment about the first story, "Black Art in Vyones," at Adventures Fantastic: " was a homage to CAS and very much resembled something he might have written." That was just the reaction I'd hoped it would achieve, and Keith's verdict made my day!

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